Listen to an Interview with Shamir in English

This is a short (9 minutes) interview given to an alternative European radio station in France. Each question and answer is given as a separate MP3 file less than one minute long. It is a short and concise summing-up of Shamir's ideas regarding Palestine. Main points: There should be one unitary state in Palestine. Liberation of discourse precedes liberation of Palestine. There should be no exceptions for Jews - equal rights for all. Why decolonisation model is not valid in Palestine. Existence of two entities (Israel + occupied territories) is a legal fiction; reality is apartheid. There are no Arab vs. Jew, but a few - five or six - communities in Palestine/Israel. Equality should be the rule everywhere - in France and in Palestine. Let us learn from Palestinian peasants - they are the bedrock to build the country upon. The power should grow from the roots, from the people:

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