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Take your kids to the movie

By Israel Shamir


The film of Mel Gibson, The Passion, grows into an important, maybe the important event of the year. Even before screening, it caused violent reactions of the American Jewish 'thought police', ADL led by obnoxious Foxman. There are unpleasant rumours (in the New York Times) that Mr Gibson gave in and decided to censor the Gospel. I hope it is not true, for a man who can give in and cut the Gospel is not worthy to make a film about Golgotha. 'To change even one letter in the Bible is like to destroy the world', says the Jewish wisdom, and I concur: if the Gospel, the most important part of the Bible, tells us of the High Priest of Jews that he accepted his responsibility for the verdict, Mr Gibson is not entitled to change it, even he were to be crucified himself.

Naturally, the High Priest of antisemitism fighters, Abe Foxman, the guy who took bribe from Marc Rich the thief, is not worried about placid American Goyim attacking the innocent Jews. First, it is not bloody likely. Even if the Jews were to crucify Christ today in prime time on CNN, the Americans won't dare to object. Secondly, every attack on a Jew brings cash to Abe Foxman; he thrives on strife. He is worried about something else.

Foxman and other enemies of Gibson's film are worried that the young American kids of some Jewish background, like kids of Vermont Governor Dean, or many of our readers, will see the movie and never again will call themselves 'Jews' anymore. Foxman, Bronfman et al are worried that these kids - and grown ups - will take themselves to the church, while these leaders will remain with assorted retired folk in Florida. Their worries are our hopes.

There many good people who by mistake or by ignorance consider themselves 'Jews'. For this mistake they pay dearly: they are forced to fight against 'the Jews' while supporting the setup. I saw something similar in Russia, where many good people called themselves 'communists' in the days of Brezhnev. They had to justify or condemn invasion of Afghanistan from extremely uncomfortable position. But they had no choice in the USSR of those days. But now, there is no need for any good person to call him/herself a Jew anymore.

The Church always welcomed these good people of Jewish origin to her bosom. They are welcome, and the film of Gibson hopefully will bring them - away from Foxman and Caiaphas to Christ. But this beautiful plan can't be implemented by way of ideological and theological compromise. The Church is open for the good people, and the separation of lambs from goats is promised beginning of the Last Judgement. Now, appearance of the Mel Gibson's film provides us with opportunity to separate lambs from goats.

The Washington columnist Joe Sobran wrote to me:

'the Mel Gibson's movie is being accused of "antisemitism" just for presenting the Gospel story. Have you noticed that Christianity, the Catholic Church, the popes, Martin Luther, many of the most eminent Christian authors, and the Gospels themselves are constantly called antisemitic? But not Jesus himself! Why not? Obviously someone is trying to tell us something with all these charges of antisemitism. Here is a man who antagonized the Jewish authorities of his day, incurring all their fury, and who has inspired TWO THOUSAND YEARS of antisemitism! Why does He get off the hook? Why don't they just come out and accuse Him? That's plainly what they're driving at. So let them say it. Remember, when they talk about "antisemitism" they're really talking about Jesus Christ. If they won't say it, we should'.

Indeed, this film can wake up the American Christians to the supreme sacrifice and glory of Christ. It will bring American 'Jews' to the crown of their long assimilation process - to the Church. It will set them free - for Christianity is freedom, first of all. And then the Holy Land will remain the socle of the Cross, not the base of Antichrist.