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Our choice was that of a drunken driver, who sees everything double. The Jewish Lobby is the War Party, the closely-knit gang of Jewish supremacists and their Gentile neo-con allies.

War and Peace

By Israel Shamir


The two-party system of the US is dead. It lost trust of people, less and less voters care to go to the elections’ booth, as the choice they offer is always a wrong choice. The last bell of the two-party system sounded with the defeat of the Congresswoman Cynthia[1] McKinney, a member for Georgia, in the Democratic primaries.

She was ambushed in the Democratic Party primaries, when her enemies brought in thousands of Republican voters to vote against Cynthia. Have the Republicans seen the light? Alexander Cockburn of the Counterpoint had another explanation, “Torrents of American Jewish money showered her opponent. Buckets of sewage were poured over McKinney's head in the [Jewish-owned and edited] Washington Post and the Atlanta Constitution”.

“Cynthia was not the first Afro-American victim of the Jewish Lobby”: Earl Hilliard, first elected black congressperson in Alabama since Reconstruction, was defeated by “a torrent of money from out-of-state American Jewish organizations”, writes Cockburn, for “calling for some even-handedness in the Middle East”.

 Cockburn’s conclusion was denied by Stephen Zunes[2], who stressed that it is the pro-War forces that defeated Cynthia. “Thousands of conservative Republicans voted in the Democratic primary for the sole purpose of defeating one of Congress' most outspoken defenders of civil rights, labour and the environment and one of its most vocal critics of President George W. Bush. These Republicans were particularly incensed at McKinney's criticism of President Bush's "war on terrorism". Majette's top contributors include a sizable number of major Republican donors and very few names commonly associated with a Jewish ethnicity”, wrote Zunes in the adequately named article, "Don't Blame the Jews for Cynthia McKinney's Defeat".

Brilliant Edward Herman[3] rejected conclusion of Zunes, by connecting Cynthia’s defeat with that of Hilliard, another Black congressman who dared to oppose the Jewish Lobby. “The unique factor in both elections was the [Jewish] anger at these blacks for daring to oppose [their] policy. [Jewish Lobby’s] intrusions into the Alabama and Georgia elections and successful removal of Hilliard and McKinney are arguably a form of disenfranchisement of black voters, by money power rather than legal tricks or coercion, and should be strenuously opposed.”

In this political whodunit we have a luxury of choice between two potential culprits, the Jewish Lobby and the War Party. Let us look at the names. The crossover was organised by John Podhoretz, David Horowitz, Jonah Goldberg of William F. Buckley's National Review Magazine. They inspired Newt Gingrich, an Ex-House Speaker, the right hand of Richard Perle of the 'National Defense Advisory Council', aka Wolfowitz cabal. Gingrich, a Georgia man, did the hatchet job. They got away with it due to the Democratic Party’s connivance. The Governor Roy Barnes, a Democrat, was closely connected with Gingrich.

Our choice was that of a drunken driver, who sees everything double. The Jewish Lobby is the War Party, the closely-knit gang of Jewish supremacists and their Gentile neo-con allies. In 1990, Joe Sobran listed the commentators who constantly defend Israel: Podhoretz, Rosenthal, Dershowitz, Martin Peretz, George Will, Mortimer Zuckerman, Morton Kondracke, Jeane Kirkpatrick, Kenneth Adelman, Amos Perlmutter, Eric Breindal, Cal Thomas, Max Lerner, Ben Wattenberg, Charles Krauthammer, William Safire, Fred Barnes …”. Now all of them emerged as advocates of the War Party.

Bill White[4] followed the fates of people of Sobran’s list: “Not only are those names still with us, but they are in power, having snuck in under the curtain of the Bush administration. America is no longer concerned about Israeli infiltration of the government – instead, the American government has become a colonial outpost of the Zionist terror-state. Norman Podhoretz, of course, is still the war-mongering imperialist swine he always was. David Frum is now writing the speeches that George the Second is using to take us into war. [He penned the Axis of Evil speech]. Alan Dershowitz is now, in the words of CBS, “tell[ing] Correspondent Mike Wallace that torture is inevitable” [and promoting racism].

Thus, both Republicans and Democrats appear to be infiltrated, as with Gore as the President, the War on Iraq would start even sooner. The place of the two old parties is taken now by two new parties, the Party of Peace and the War Party.

The Party of Peace wants to keep America out of foreign adventures, revitalise economy, improve life of an ordinary American. A spokesman for peace, the writer Gore Vidal, called to upheld the values of the Republic and to reject the Imperial ambitions.

The War Party wants to turn the US into a fighting machine for alien interests, to destroy Iraq, to seize Saudi Arabia, to reshape the Middle East and to turn Israel into the new centre of the world. The Jewish Lobby became the moving force of the War Party. It is not a sincere Jewish worry about their coreligionists in the Middle East.

God knows, there are enough Jews in the Peace party as well. Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn and many others upheld peace and rejected the World War Three. But organised Jewry (‘the Jews’ as opposed to ‘Jews’) chose the war hoping to make the Jewish state the most powerful force in world politics. They demanded a fealty oath from any politician, a promise to obey the instructions of the Jewish Lobby, not only about marginal [for Americans] question of Palestine, but about the central question of power in the US. Cynthia refused it.

Cynthia McKinney became a target of the Jewish Lobby/War Party, as she was loyal, stubborn, honest and kind. Loyal, she considered her loyalty is due to her voters, the people of Georgia. Stubborn, Cynthia won’t pledge blind support to Israel. Honest, she won’t take money from her voters’ pockets and send it to Tel Aviv. Kind woman, she won’t send Georgian boys to their death in the river valleys of Iraq and deserts of Arabia in the looming World War Three. For an Afro-American, it makes no sense to imperil his country in war for the sake of a state whose symbol is a barbed wire fence around the native ghetto. It makes no sense for other candidates, as well, unless they are hell-bent to get to power, or just bent.

Her mistake was to rely upon the Democrats. It would be better if she would run as an Independent. Both “old parties” were made irrelevant by reliance on one force, single-minded media network of Israel’s supporters. They should be counteracted by a new force, pro-peace, rejecting imperialism and based on a new vision. Mercifully, people are increasingly tired of the two-party system trap. It is time to change patterns, to form new alliances, and to reject the old rivalries and hatred, first of all, the interracial strife.


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A Reply to Stephen Zune's on the Jews and Cynthia McKinney's Defeat by Edward S. Herman

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