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(In Kuala Lumpur, a futuristic and lush tropical city of hospitable Malays, the Foreign Ministers of the Islamic States convened the Conference on Terror. I attended it as an observer. The following is A Talk I Never Gave at the Conference or)

UFO and Terror

By Israel Shamir

“My wife has been raped by a Martian”. It was a favourite and frequent headline in 1950s, when the power was not concentrated to a present extent, and journalists had to do with UFO stories. With years, veracity of the opinion-makers did not change, but their malice grew considerably. Millions of newspaper copies, billions of TV frames and zillions of words postulate Islamic Terror as the latest scourge of mankind. It is not strange, Your Excellencies, that your defensive reflexes took precedence over your common sense, and you try and justify, renounce or explain Islamic Terror – by the persecution of Palestinians in the Apartheid State of Israel, or by the US siege of Iraq and colonisation of Saudi Arabia. You gave some pretty good reasons, but, as a PR professional, I’ll tell you: one can find good reasons for anything.

In the fervour of explanations, you forgot to ask yourselves the first question of a scientist: does it exist? Is there such a phenomenon, Islamic Terror? Yes, there is a lot of spin, and the media takes it for granted. But a say-so would not suffice as a proof of existence. In 18th century, good people of Salem in New England carried out a crusade against witches. Whoever would doubt the very fact of the female alliance with Devil, would surely be marginalised or presented as a Satan’s stooge. For centuries, there was a spin about Jews who consume Christian children’s blood for Passover. Hundreds of books and articles were published on the subject; England still has a child saint supposedly martyred by bloodthirsty Jews.
But now we disregard this silly spin. It is a right time to do the same with the latest Witch Hunt, the newest Blood Libel, so-called Islamic Terror.

In my opinion, it exists in the same way and to the same extent as the Jewish Conspiracy and Yellow Peril. There is a scattering of few disjointed and unconnected guerrilla movements in the world, that of Basques (ETA) and South Lebanese (Hezbollah), Corsicans and Mindanao (South Philippines), Irish and Columbians, Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka, UNITA in Angola and HAMAS in Palestine. There is no way or reason to select a few of them on a spurious ground of some religious affiliation and ascribe them to Islamic Terror Network.

People of South Lebanon, South Philippines, Corsica, Basque country, or Palestine have their legitimate grievances, but their connection to their religion is just a question of colouring. In the same vein, the war of Iran and Iraq could be (but should not) be described as the war between Sunni and Shiite Islam, but we know that the religious factor was not an important one in the decisions of Saddam Hussein and the Iranian leaders.

Practically nowhere one can find an Islamic terror organisation per se, fighting for the establishment of an Islamic state. Before the collapse of Communism, the Palestinians preferred a left-wing ideology to fight their oppressors. Among Palestinian militant leaders, a place of honour was held by a Christian, George Habash. HAMAS of Palestine grew as the only movement expressly permitted by the Zionist Apartheid state, while non-religious FATAH was suppressed. Thus, the feelings of the oppressed Palestinians were channelled by the Jews into this quasi-religious movement.

Hezbollah fighters of Lebanon fought against Israeli and American occupation, not for the Islamic rule. They are similar to the Irish Republicans, not famous for their Islamic beliefs. Chechens continued their two-hundred year long war against Russian rule, building temporary alliances with America, Germany and Turkey. Their biggest alleged achievement, explosion of Moscow high-rise buildings, was actually performed by an Israeli citizen Mr Anatoly Chubais, it was disclosed last month by another Israeli citizen, Dr Boris Berezovsky.

Could we select the ‘Muslim terrorists’ by their methods? Surely not. IRA bombed London pubs well before Hamas discovered Tel Aviv café. The Tamil Tigers, non-Muslim militant organisation, trained by Israeli Mossad, is the world leader in suicide bombings. There is no case to presume existence of Islamic Terror at all. Until we come to 9/11, when President Bush proclaimed its existence and announced the World Wide Muslim Conspiracy of al Qaeeda.

The perpetrators of the 9/11 are still unknown to us. The instant recovery of a hijacker’s passport intact on the place of jet crush should be counted among the most spectacular miracles of all times, well ahead of Daniel’s trip into the fiery furnace. The old Babylonian furnace surely did not develop the temperature of burning jet fuel. Arab-language flying manuals in the trunk of a car, inaudible videotapes and other conveniently recovered exhibits make Moscow trials of 1937 a bright example of justice incorrupt. The prisoners of Afghani war have been kept away from prying eyes, in the limbo of Guantanamo, lest they disclose the greatest secret of all: their innocence.

On the other hand, there is an accumulating evidence of Israeli Connection. Warning messages on the Israeli network INIGO were sent to Israelis on Manhattan, in real time, when the planes left their airfields. In all airports utilised by hijackers, one Israeli company ICTS attended to security. Jewish financial companies made forward insurance stock deals that enriched them.

Israel utilized the 9/11 events to its full capacity: present massacre in the Palestinian cities is described as ‘the war on terror’. The Muslim neighbours of Israel were terrorised into passivity by the American rage. Destruction of Afghanistan raised the threshold of the world sensitivity to horror, and made possible the present invasion of Palestinian cities. Probably it is not enough for the verdict, but the same can be said about al-Qaeeda’s alleged involvement.

There is no Islamic terror, but there is an Israeli-American terror of Dar al-Islam. You have not sinned; but you were sinned against. Thus, when the US President and his media question you, “what do you do about the Islamic terror?’, I suggest, Your Excellencies, a good Jewish reply, ‘What terror?’