For One Democratic State
in the whole of Palestine (Israel)


FOR One Man, One Vote



A Letter to the Reader, and it means you!

Last couple of months or so I did not write much to you, and I feel the need to explain it. It’s not that I forgot you or gave up, or despaired, or have nothing to say. But the main ideas I promoted are presented in my books available in print, these are the Pardes, the Galilee Flowers and Our Lady of Sorrow. The fourth book of essays will appear later this year, and a volume of your writing called Jewish Power is planned for January 06’. In January, my 800 pages long English translation of Hebrew medieval Chronicles will be completed and published, too. I give talks at international conferences; this October I am invited to a conference in Havana, Cuba, and I shall send out the talk I am about to give there in a few days. I was also invited to an exciting conference God, and the right to be Different at Kaslik Catholic University in Lebanon, opened by the Lebanese President. On October 29, I shall speak at a venue in Paris defending my French publisher M. Cherifi who is on trial for publishing my book in French. In mid-November I shall speak at a conference in Brussels, and in mid-December, in Madrid and Barcelona in Spain. In January we plan another conference somewhere in Europe to promote the Old World independence of the Judaeo-American Empire. I hope to meet you at these places in order to keep alive the spirit of our enterprise. Our enemies carry out their plans to marginalise the vast majority of mankind, to reproduce the Sharon’s Wall everywhere, to eliminate the spirit and uproot people. We are a band of political, philosophical, theological rangers prowling far away from our (maybe non-existent) base, undermining their consensus and sawing the seeds of discord between the elites and the seeds of peace between the peoples. We are far away from the mainstream, but this is our function, and it is not to be regretted. On the other hand, our enemy did not succeed to marginalise us completely, as you can learn from these important conferences and publications where our ideas are presented.

In Palestine, our adversaries won an important victory. Not in vain mass media produced the deluge of Jewish settlers’ tears in the Gaza strip. Now, whenever one mentions the plight of native Palestinians, one is met with bewilderment: come on, they have got their Gaza and the Jews sacrificed their homes and farms for the sake of peace. We were right: the Palestinians have not a single chance to reach a reasonable settlement by the way of partition. Their demand for full equality in all of Palestine was the only way out. But the PNA did not understand it, while our potential allies allowed themselves to be lured into endless discussion whether we are nasty to Jews. Thus our belief in the Jewish hold on the mass media as the main hindrance to peace and to real democracy was proven to be correct. This hold must be undermined.

The last UN summit demonstrated that there are pockets of opposition still at large. Venezuela and Iran, North Korea and Belarus, Malaysia and Cuba are free from the US diktat. Russia and China are not fully subdued. We shall support their independent position. In Europe and the US, there are like-minded intellectuals; Harold Pinter’s Nobel and Galloway’s elections show that not all is lost. In the US, Cindy Sheehan made an important stand and galvanised the people. T’is true, she retracted some of her statements, but so did Galileo. I fully support our Californian friend James Morris who suffered because of her retraction. His integrity remained as high as ever, while Cindy already atoned for her weakness by spending the Yom Kippur with Rabbi Lerner: there are not many punishments worse.

So, keep in touch, shamireaders ride on, and so does Togethernet.