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The Tsunami of Penitence

By Israel Shamir

Israel is a good place to watch the giant wave of gentile penitence, the Auschwitz Remembrance Day that lasts for a week, rolling around the globe. Sure, you can observe it everywhere like lunar eclipse, this colossal Canossa: the entire world from Alaska to Antarctica, Inuit and Zulu, Cuban and Mongol stand still listening to the Jewish prayer, beg forgiveness and promise “never again a Jew will come to harm”. Chirac promised to remember the Jews France failed to save; he acknowledged the French guilt, something de Gaulle adamantly refused. As penance for their sin, the French were made to watch the nine-hours-long Shoah by Claude Lanzmann, a cruel but just retribution. German Chancellor was contrite even more than always; he has a good reason – the holocaust monument of unbelievable ugliness straddles Berlin as an eternal punishment. Slapping the weird Columbia Professors who try to distinguish between the Jews and Israel, Israeli national anthem Hatikwa was played in the UN for the memorial occasion.

If you have thought the remembrance of Auschwitz had nothing to do with Israel, think again. Or, better, watch Kofi Annan atoning for his sins: he sacked Hanson, his Gaza rep, for he annoyed Sharon; he promised to fight antisemitism to the last antisemite; arranged for a special session of the UN General Assembly, pledged to Israel his word that the UN will be more attentive to her needs in future. Next to Annan stood his wife – we were told that she is a Wallenberg, and Raul Wallenberg was a royal Swede who saved many Jews and was killed by the Russians. There was another royal Swede who saved many Jews and was killed by the Jews – Folke Bernadotte – but he is forgotten even in Stockholm, where a Jewish millionaire bought a new TV channel this week to ensure this forgetfulness.

The headlines of Israeli newspapers enquire: “Did they learn the lesson?” Who are “they”? What lesson? The Jews won the war; that is the lesson for goyim, they implied. In order to deliver this lesson, some forty million men and women were killed, but anyway only Jews are remembered, so it was worth it. Nobody mentions the Russian soldiers who died at Stalingrad or the German civilians killed by Bomber Harris. The Japanese burned by the A-bomb are forgotten. As for American soldiers, there was Private Ryan, but he was saved.

But if it seen everywhere, why Israel is such a good place to watch the Penitence Day? Because only here you won’t have an illusion that ‘the lesson’ refers to unacceptability of racism or of ethnic cleansing or of cold-blooded murder. Straight after the news, Israel TV Channel One started a Round Table discussion: what should be done with goyim who think that the commandment “be fruitful and multiply” refers to them, too? The biggest danger for Israel, said the American favourite, Bibi Netanyahu, is not the Palestinians beyond the wall – it is the Israeli Arab citizens. They breed. They bring in their wives and husbands from the occupied territories and from abroad – this privilege should be granted for Jews only.

The Shas leader, Eli Yeshai, proposed to take them off National Insurance, so they won’t receive any financial help for their children. Professor Soffer fumed: the demographic bomb of non-Jews is ticking! There are too many of them. This is a Jewish country, the only one we have, while goyim have hundreds of countries to live in.

There are a few Arabs around the round table: a young student and a Member of Knesset. They try to speak of racism, but their fluent Hebrew was not understood: racism is something done to Jews, not by Jews. We have only one country, and we should plan what to do with the others, with non-Jews, so they won’t breed so fast.

On another channel, a speaker condemns Russian nationalists: they dare to say that they have only one country and they do not want their country run by the organised Jews. They do not plan to cut Jewish birth rate; they do not intend to expel Jews. The Russian nationalists quote the infamous rulings of Shulkhan Aruch now translated into Russian for indoctrination of the Russian Jews. They say that these rulings promote hatred of a goy among Jews. They want to use the hate laws against the Jewish hate-mongers. They say that the Jewish organisations in Russia openly support racist Israel. They and their fathers fought Nazi Germany not for benefit of some other racists, they say. The Jewish organisations in Russia know better what the hate laws are for; they demand from the Russian court to arrest the racists. Maybe these Russians are racists, and maybe they are not; but they can’t be more racist than Dr Soffer, Bibi Netanyahu and Eli Yeshay.

The TV set brings in more news: three-year old Palestinian girl, Rahma Abu Shamas, was killed Wednesday morning by Israeli army, thus defusing somewhat the demographic threat. The Supreme Court decided to approve the nomination of General Dan Halutz at the position of the deputy chief of General Staff. When the Air Force commander Dan Halutz was asked what does the pilot feel releasing a one ton bomb over densely populated Gaza refugee camp and killing fifteen children, he replied: “A slight bump. I sleep well”. The judges warned him to be more cautious while giving an interview in future.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said Wednesday that the world "didn't lift a finger" to stop the Holocaust. That was interesting news: I did not know Nazi Germany was stopped by the IDF while the Red Army relaxed in its barracks. But then, death of millions of Russian soldiers and thousands of American and British ones is not the same as ‘lifting a finger’. This Sharon’s statement was an open, brazen insult to the vets; it was an insult to the families of the fallen soldiers; it was an insult to Russia, England and America. But they learned their lesson and quietly kneeled. 


Your responses to the Auschwitz essay by Gilad Atzmon: files/Auschwitz.html

Israel, this is brilliant far beyond words, I wish I had written it myself, it speaks from the heart and to the heart.

John Davies

This is the best one yet, Israel. I've been interested in holocaust revisionism for 35 years and even wrote a foreword to the first English translation of Paul Rassinier's Drama of the European Jews in 1975. The fact that they outlaw discussion of this in several European countries, South Africa (under apartheid!), Israel and Canada has even more convinced me there is something to this. And it doesn't involve any pro-Nazi ideas, just getting at historical truth.

Michael Hardesty


From Dan McGowan, Deir Yassin Remembered:

Gilad, I like most of what you have written, but certain paragraphs on the US Holocaust Museum are incorrect. You wrote:

“This museum is not really about Jewish suffering.”

Wrong; it almost exclusively about Jewish suffering. The others who died are given short shrift. You wrote:

I assume that there will be some basic facts that the museum won’t share with its visitors: for instance, it will not tell the passing crowd that the American government adopted a highly restrictive immigration policy that was never modified between 1933-1944, in order to block Jewish immigration.

Your assumption is wrong; the museum does this quite effectively, especially in describing the SS St. Louis with over 900 Jews from Holland that went in 1939 first to Cuba and then to the US, but was denied entry and was sent back, where most of the Jews were subsequently caught and sent to KZ camps. Americans are made to feel guilt for this act. Check this out for yourself: There are at least 50 pictures of the St. Louis and how America turned its back on the Jews.

It will avoid the fact that the American government refused or obstructed German offers of negotiation to remove Jews from Nazi controlled territories. Mostly important, it will hide the clear fact that the US air force was not instructed to disrupt the Nazi killing machine. Neither railways to Auschwitz nor Auschwitz itself was ever bombed neither by the RAF nor by the American Air Force. It seems as if a real murderous negligence was involved in the American decision making on the issue along side the war. For instance, on 20 August 1944, 127 flying fortress escorted by one hundred Mustang fighters successfully dropped their bombs on a factory less than five miles from Auschwitz. Not a single plane was diverted to attack the death camp.

Wrong; the museum notes this very clearly, again with the message that Americans are to feel further guilt for the suffering of Jews in WWII, and therefore are to feel a duty to support Jews and the quest for a Jewish state in Palestine regardless of who lived there or lives there now.


From Janet March

My dear Mr Shamir, what a wonderful correct epistle.  I loved it and agree with it totally. janet ny

My dear Shamir,


Gilad Atzmon's essay and your Tsunami of Penitence are both masterpieces. Thank you.


Anton, beirut



From Anthony:


Although the hypocrisy which engulfs Israel still astounds, and deeply saddens, me; I would like to give three cheers to our "fly on the wall", our, "eye in the sky", our very own "self-hating" (Thank GOD!) "jew in the wings", who exposes so thoroughly, the Orwellian lies of the last apartheid regime on earth: Israel Shamir.


Bravo! And thank you for your insightful articles ;)


P.S I never knew until yesterday that Israel actually celebrates the anniversary of the '67 war - not as the event in which the Jewish State threw off the yoke of it's "oppressive & blood-curdling Arab neighbours" - but as the event which "liberated" Jerusalem and the Western wall...


And here I was mistakenly thinking that a "liberator" - by his very nature - is on the *offensive*, due to his innate position of "power"... definately not one who is on the *defense*, and weak, save "by the grace of God"...


The land of Orwell's imagination, is but a reality in the land of the Prophets.

A wonderful article, Mr. Shamir.

 Thank God we have people who are not afraid to speak out against the all-powerful Jewish influence that is enveloping us.