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The policy of Total Spectrum Dominance promoted by the Neocons does not refer to far away lands only – to unruly Afghanistan or disobedient France. It refers to you. It is you, Americans, whom they want to dominate totally; by controlling your sexual lifestyle and punishing every deviation of thought and act.


Texas Body Snatchers

By Israel Shamir


The Bible would never have taken off if US law enforcement agencies had been around. They would have smothered the sublime quest of mankind in its infancy, sending the twelve sons of Israel into foster care in corrupt Sodom, for their good old sire had four wives and loved them all. On second thought, the Bible would not even have come that far either, as their ancestor Abraham, this fountain of our faith, would have been locked up for the same sin. That is, if he had not been locked up earlier for teaching his children at home, instead of sending them to the Pharaoh’s school, or for giving birth at home. Every aspect of normal behaviour mankind was used to, has become criminalised under the new American legalism. 


In beginning of April, ham-fisted Texas police swooped in on a remote Mormon ranch,  arrested the men and carried away the women and their children and babies, separating them from their mothers. A judge allowed separating even nursing breastfed babies, giving them to foster care.

This snatching case, where the police took away 437 children and babies from their parents who preferred to live an alternative communal family lifestyle, has advanced the US well beyond any grim vision of totalitarianism  envisaged by real-life politicians. Americans have already entered the realm of extreme social engineering trod by LSD writer Aldous Huxley. In that realm of the United Totalitarian States, happy families are being broken up, and hundreds of babies and children are given up to adoption to single gender couples. People have lost their children to the state for failing to expose them to the moronising power of the TV[1], or for refusing to send them to state schools.  Some have lost their lives as well: in Utah,  John Singer was shot dead for trying to keep his children out of school. The holocaust of Waco with its dozens of parents and children murdered for no sin but their sturdy independence was just the first swallow portending the elimination of private life in America.


The Texas police had used a false claim in order to justify their action. They claimed a member of the family, one Sarah Barlow, had lodged a complaint. Soon it became clear that the complaint had been made by a delusionary outsider woman with a history of making false reports, and probably in cahoots with the police. There never was a Sarah Barlow. The good wives and daughters of the Texas dissidents were then placed under terrible pressure, amounting to torture: they were not even allowed to nurse their babies, unless they agreed to bear false witness against their husbands and fathers. It is amazing that all of them withstood the torture and remained faithful. What made the Texan police use such extreme measures against people who peacefully carried on with their lives? 


There is a good reason for this onslaught on privacy: The policy of Total Spectrum Dominance promoted by the Neocons does not refer to far away lands only, to unruly Afghanistan or disobedient France. It refers to you. It is you, Americans, they want to dominate totally; by controlling your lifestyle and punishing every free thought and act. And in order to dominate, they need to smash all compartments; first of all, Family. Nothing may stand between an individual and the State. By way of projection, your ideologists ascribe this attitude to your erstwhile enemies, Hitler and Stalin, but as a matter of fact both arch-villains were strongest supporters of the family. Stalin terminated the free run of wild-eyed feminists he had inherited from the Revolution days; while even today, any reference to family values is considered “pro-Nazi” in Zionist-occupied Merkel’s Germany. It is to the third force of liberal totalitarianism that we owe this last and definite attack on Family.


In a normal world, tise Texas kidnapping would be condemned by every voice until the children were free and back in the custody of their parents -- until the kidnappers were safely locked in jail. Instead, the American papers and Internet sites bother with Tibetan monks’ inalienable right to own serfs and the evil Chinamen’s interference with this right. They discuss whether the Japanese may eat whales (no, they may not) and whether  US corporations may cause millions to starve by turning their food into automotive fuel (yes, they may). At the same time, they allow the oldest and most natural freedom of forming family life to be eroded and undermined. Why don’t presidential candidates Obama, Clinton and McCain demand the safe release of the Texas prisoners – before the Bush regime rides into sunrise to impose his version of permissible intercourse on the rest of mankind?


The enemies of your freedom, the proprietors of your media, have been preparing this onslaught for a long time. They spread malicious rumours of frequent parental child abuse to undermine the natural tie between children and parents. They constructed a fictitious offence by calling the flirting with a girl  “harassment”. They invented a “plague of the 20th century”, AIDS, though this malady occupies umpteenth place in the list of dangerous diseases, well after obesity. They promoted and elevated homosexual activity on their TV channels and in official propaganda – all that in order to eliminate family and turn you into obedient tools in their hands.


They preached to bewildered mankind that whoever objects to their apotheosis of gay love is but a bigot interfering with a question of personal choice between consenting adults. Now, in Texas this sophism has come to naught: a group of consenting adults were arrested and imprisoned for their personal choice – not for having wild sex, or for running orgies, or for disturbing the peace, but for forming a steady and caring relationship of polygamous marriage, like the one approved by the Hebrews of old and by the entire East: by the Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists of our own day; in short, by the vast majority of mankind. If there is narrow-minded bigotry, it is in the American persecution of alternative families. The alleged persecution of pederasts in Iran is peanuts in comparison with this attack on the most traditional way of family life in America.  


Polygamy or monogamy? This is ultimately a question of local custom and personal preference. The East allows for polygamy, the West allows for sodomy. The East is not worried by age difference, the West lives in fear of underage wedlock.  Apparently, the Eastern gentleman prefers marital bliss with a few nubile beauties at once; the Anglo-American man likes to be buggered by an elderly gentleman. For this reason, the Anglo-American man is forever trying to move eastwards, to escape into the realm of sexual freedom, or – if this man is content with his part – to conquer and eliminate this realm. This could be a good explanation of the Middle-Eastern wars, the War of Pederasts against Polygamists, surely not a worse one than war for oil or war for the Jews: to deconstruct the unforgettable words of George W. Bush, “they [the Americans] attack us [the East] because they hate and envy our freedom”, that is, the Eastern freedom to marry a few wonderful women without going through divorce.


The sturdy villagers of my Palestine do practice polygamy, as I have described elsewhere: “I stayed at Hassan’s hospitable house, built on his own land in Yanoun. Hassan is over eighty, a strong and stately old man in grey galabiye and abaya, a sort of full-length dress with a mantle on top. His galabiye is girdled up by a broad leather belt, and a sharp short knife hangs on it. His hands are of good shape and feel as hard as if they were chiselled from local stone when he shakes my hand. Last year Hajj Hassan made the pilgrimage to Mecca, but he is first and foremost a peasant. Our Lord and Lady of Palestine blessed Hassan. He married, and had a few sons and daughters, and then he took a second wife, and had had some more, until he was surrounded by twelve strong sons and pretty daughters. His spacious three-storied house with smaller outbuildings can compete with the manor of the Beg. There are many olive trees he planted on the slopes, and there is a vine with heavy yellow grapes in front of his house. In the morning the second wife of Hassan, a tall and dignified woman in her sixties, brought me this thick greenish juice of olive together with a big and round country bread, hubz baladi, she had baked half an hour ago. Hard white goat cheese, salty thyme, a bunch of grapes and a glass of sweetish tea with maramiye (sage) leaves completed the meal. Hassan’s first and elderly wife sat with us, basking at the winter sun.”[2]


It is normal to have two wives, and it is normal to have one wife, and it is normal to have no wife at all, as so many monks choose. Moreover, it is normal to have two husbands, as the mountain folk of Tibet, Ladakh and Nepal do. (In the West, it is called ménage a trois, and this arrangement allowed Lily Brick to live happily with Vladimir Mayakovski and Osip Brick.) Every such arrangement is normal, if agreed to by the involved parties. What is abnormal is state interference in the unions of men and women.


The American State pays too much attention to the sex life of its subjects. In normal circumstances, the stained dress of Mlle. Lewinsky would be a cause of concern only for her drycleaner; the escapade of Governor Spitzler would annoy only his wife, while the extended family lifestyle of a Texan commune would be only their own business. Until the 1960s, the police and FBI used to arrest men and women of different races who dared to congregate – in bed. This tendency is still embedded in the American conscience: Not so long ago, a young black American was sentenced to ten years of jail for having oral sex with a young white girl.


Another sexual obsession of American authorities is “child pornography” interpreted in the widest possible way. FBI agents-provocateurs email Japanese anime depicting young girls, and then happily assault the receivers of the emails. Often it has a clear political undertone: an American dissident, an objector to Iraqi war, Kevin Strom, was recently sentenced to two years of jail for having an email with a girlie picture (actually, that of Brooke Shields, the actress) on his computer. The American Gestapo would lock up Benvenuto Cellini, the great Florentine, for his enticing hermaphrodite child, and probably the visitors to Louvre where the statue is presented, as well, just for looking at it.


The eternal search for the “hidden hand” behind all this has produced many unlikely candidates, from the Masons to the Wise Elders of Zion to the Gray Aliens and Lizards or even, as the Russian esoteric Alexandre Dougin proposed in jest, a secret ancient order of women-priestesses pulling and pushing behind the scenes. In a similar vein, tongue-in-cheek, one can imagine a cabal of old man-hating bull dykes, or even of eunuchs (as in medieval China or Byzantium), forming a hidden US government, directing the FBI to snatch children and destroy families in Texas, sending Bush to subdue the Middle East and kill off the men – both  Oriental and American – their natural competitors for female charms. 


We in Israel have been ruled by our Wise Hags of Zion from Golda Meir up till the present president of the Supreme Court, Dorit Beinish, and what we do today, America repeats tomorrow, as Steve Niva noted in his fine essay The New Walls of Baghdad, subtitled The Israeli Model Surges Toward Iraq. “What we are seeing in Iraq today has much to do with a deeper and far-reaching "Israelization" of U.S. military strategy and tactics. Iraq has become virtually caged in a carapace of concrete walls and razor wire, reinforced by an aerial occupation from the sky, like Gaza, where 1.5 million Palestinians are now living within an enclosed cage, while Israel controls access to the essentials of life through high-tech border terminals and unleashes "penetration raids" and airborne "targeted killings" when resistance is offered.”


These imaginary ruling harpies can’t comprehend that women are naturally attracted to men.

There is a new Israeli law saying that every act of intercourse between man and woman is coercive, and if they work for the same company, it always constitutes harassment. In short, there should be no flirtation, no sex either. An Israeli couple had a long and tumultuous relationship for a few years, making love everywhere from the company’s strong room to its computer centre, but, when the relationship soured, the woman brought a complaint for harassment and coercion, and walked away with a cool hundred thousand dollars. An even better and newer Israeli bill proposes to fine every customer of a prostitute  a flat sum of ten thousand dollars – in favour of the prostitute!


Likewise,  American imitators of the Israeli model can’t comprehend why some women prefer to share one man with a few others – or why some men may share one woman with others, as Abbe Prevost wrote of Manon Lescault. They will forever ruin your lives, corralling you towards the genderless anti-utopia of Huxley.


As much as one feels sorry for imprisoned Palestine, devastated Iraq and  threatened Iran, one can’t help but feel sorry for you, Americans, the first victims and the first slaves of the New World Order your country is tyring to impose on the rest of the world. We are together in this fight, we have one enemy, and this enemy is not in North Korea, but in Washington, DC.


May 6, 2008, Jaffa – Srinagar


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[1]               Judges in the Texas snatching case and in other cases referred to children being kept away from TV as one of the motives for taking child into state care.

[2]               From “Reading Douglas Adams in Yanoun”.