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Bloody Passovers of Dr Toaff – follow up


The storm caused by publication of Dr Toaff’s book Passovers of Blood is not abating. The tortured and almost crucified professor Toaff is forced to a new act of repentance on daily basis. Haaretz reported that now “He now wants to make it clear that the Jews of Trent did not murder Simon or any other Christian children for ritual purposes. Toaff will also make it clear that the blood of dead Christians could not possibly have been used, whether in food, beverages or for medicinal or magical purposes, because the blood traded by Jews and Christians at the time came from living donors, not corpses. His conclusion is that Jews could not possibly have murdered Christian children for their blood.” If they would turn the screw a bit more, Toaff would confess he murdered St Simon personally in order to place the blame on blameless Jews.   

Israeli parliament (Knesset) plans to send Dr Toaff to jail. Holocaust denial is already criminal offence; but denial of Trent horror is a duty. Negationist, or denier, is now a term for a Jew who denies the blood sacrifices. This and other interesting items are available in Italian in on the site of our daring Italian friend Claudio Moffa.

Before continuing with coverage, let us see the readers’ letters:

Ian Buckley wrote:

Like a chill wind from the past - so it was true after all, in larger or smaller part.

But it must have been true - or why else would Burton's last book have been suppressed for 100 years? Or why else would the shrine of the boy Hugh of Lincoln be surreptiously dismantled by the Dean and Chapter of Lincoln Cathedral? More on little Hugh of Lincoln : around 4 or 5 years ago, I remember a news story about some good old British 'eccentric' who was arrested after distributing leaflets about the case. But the trial for this 'crime' never took place as it was suddenly decided on high that it would 'not be in the public interest to proceed'.

The court rolls relating to the original 1255 case are still closed I believe. While some of the accused were hanged after the trial - held in part in front of Henry III himself - others were acquitted and set free, which hardly squares with the concept of mob justice. Torture was not used on the defendants, either. 

Maybe it should best be viewed as the consequence of an ideology. But it no way should individual Jews who don't share or uphold that ideology be blamed. There is another side. Adam, I recently saw an old film ' A Kid for Two Farthings' which was obviously almost wholly Jewish in its milieu and background. It depicted a world which was so very much more human and normal in every way than the sleazy, mad and degenerate Britain of Bliar. Likewise, one of my favourite singers, Alma Cogan, is remembered as a wholly decent and loving person.

We know how the Jewish 'church' should be regarded - you are its Voltaire -but individual Jews can be good, bad or indifferent, just like everyone else.

Shamir replied:  For sure, Ian, "But it no way should individual Jews who don't share or uphold that ideology be blamed. There is another side." This is as true as that individual Englishmen should not be blamed for Harris the Bomber, for mass murders in India, for shelling Kagoshima, for invading North America... There is another side, England of Shakespeare and Chesterton, of these lovely churches you send me so many pictures, of afternoon tea, of willowy maidens etc. This is the world, this is mankind, and bad deeds of our ancestors are there to keep us modest, while their good deeds are there to aspire to.

From John Powell, Florida
I just now read your gorgeously lengthy review of Toaff's book.
Your review is Brilliant!! Awesome!!! A Masterpiece!!!!
Especially powerful and insightful was your notice of the fact that people such as Dershowitz are pro-torture (and confident in torture's results) when the torture is committed against Muslims; but those same Dershowitz types are anti-torture (and disparaging of torture's results) when the topic is torture committed against Jews.
Genius!!!!! Your mind is a magnificent universe!
You go to inner places, and see inner elements, which are not visited nor seen by anyone else except you!
Brilliant!!!!! Long Live Israel Adam Shamir!!!!!!
John Powell
Florida, USA 

From Tarik Hussein, Denmark

I really LOVED your piece on St. Simon, siding with murdered children suddenly comes out original, which is thought-provoking and highly entertaining. Someone else should look at the humouristic take on it. I mean, here we have it from scientific quarters, confirmed by the extreme touchiness and frantic denials of all the Great and Good Jews, that Jews really like to devour the blood of Christian children on Passover, Christians should think about that before they hire a Jewish nanny. I can sure fancy Abe Foxman preferring to fill his expensive wineglass with fresh Christian baby blood, or having his morning bread with butter made of Christian child fat, eating Christian foetus brains as delicacies...


Only a bit more seriously, the fact that some Jews feel genuinely disturbed on behalf of all Jews because of something like that is frankly a sick but also very funny joke!



From Prof Manifacier

I read your review of Dr Toaff book with great interest. Until today, these ritual murder stories were but an example of antisemitic propaganda, just to say that I am not familiar at all with stories concerning these murders and I haven’t heard before of Dr Ariel Toaff.

I had nonetheless  a quick look at some of the references, in particular the “catholic “ and the “jewish version” of these events. The jewish version start with a prediction of the “semidemented” (is there a proof of that?) Franciscan friar Bernardini of Feltre: .....”predicting “that at the next jewish Passover a ritual murder would occur”. Again, is there a proof, and which one, (no gossip) of this prediction? And so on...  this version seems to me of dubious value. The “catholic version” can be criticised too, but not in he same manner.

 Some thoughts came to my mind:

1- If the confessions of the “killers” were unacceptable, because obtained under “physical torture”, why would the retractation of Dr Toaff, rabbi son of a rabbi, be accepted when obtained under “mental torture”?

2- There is something to be written concerning this increase of “highly praised public retractations”. I have in mind the recent and speedy one of President J. Chirac concerning iranian atomic weapons which were not so dangerous after all. ( this from an interview he gave to journalists of the NYT and Nouvel Observateur).

3- More generally, how can we discuss freely ancient historical events when our real time history is distorted on a day to day basis by the very people who are supposed to inform us? To give an example, how will the future generations interpret or learn about these ignominies: irakis, palestinians etc. suffering, if the neocon mentality prevail in the News?

4- “Herod .... bathing in blood of babies” (maybe true) reminded me of a Fox News story where an iraki dissident was explaining that Saddam Hussein was taking showers in the blood of his victims (probably false).

You do a lot for more justice in Palestine and elsewhere. I appreciate your articles (and the ones of Gilad Atzmon and others). It is quite distressing when we realise that the very people we try to protect may not yet appreciate our fight. But, after all, compassion is the only mondialisme I like. This is a long struggle and in the end the platonic idea of beauty, be it truth or real justice, will prevail.

Take care,   JCM  

From: Thomas, Hollywood,

Greetings from America, where we still enjoy some freedom of thought and religion, for now.
I enjoyed immensely your article,  The Bloody Passovers of Dr Toaff, really interesting, and scary, especially for one like myself who works in an industry greatly under the control of a lot of Eastern European Jews. I had better mind what I film!
Since discovering your web site I've  enjoyed reading, and gotten a lot of enlightenment about your end of the world, thanks so much!
With Best Regards,
Thomas, Director.

From David Duke (in order to save you indignation for better occasions: Duke is not a member of KKK for some 30 years, and since then he proved a fearless anti-zionist. He visited Damascus and Tehran, so he is friendly to Muslims. A friend of Louis Farrakhan, he should not be considered an enemy of blacks, either).

What a wonderful and extremely brilliant article you wrote on the Bloody Passovers of Dr. Toaff! Your juxtaposition of the invalidation of tortured  confessions with Guantanamo and Israel and Nuremberg: priceless. Your use of  language was precise and artistic throughout. It is amazing that you are not a native English speaker, but you write better than 99 percent of the leading writers of English who are published today.
I wrote a small commentary on the issue and your piece and put a few paragraphs of the article with a link to your site. I hope it brings you a lot of traffic as the is currently getting a terrific audience
today all over the world.


And now back to Dr Toaff and his research.

“A research study like this, published supposedly in the name of academic freedom, erodes the moral validity of banning Holocaust denial,” said Dr. Ron Breiman, a member of the right-wing Professors for a Strong Israel. “Even if factually, Toaff's study is correct, it is not good for Jews” and thus should not take place.

Why Toaff’s research  is important? Black magic blood rituals were practiced by Jews and non-Jews alike in the Middle Ages and later on.  Michael Pellivert correctly if cynically said “And supposing they did drink blood?” The Jews want to feel superior: everybody may be reminded of a fault or a crime committed by his ancestors, but the Jews have to feel themselves some holy Ubermensch. However, the Jews lose in comparison. 

The difference between Jew and non-Jew is that non-Jew would not have the protection of his community. For a non-Jewish murderous sorcerer, nobody will go to bribe bishops and curia, kings and judges. A Jewish murderer – whether a sorcerer or a plain mass killer like Sharon – will always be protected by the Jewish community.  His crime will be denied or minimised, while crimes towards Jews are capitalised.

The study of Dr Toaff may help our friends over-involved with  the Holocaust narrative to see the light. This narrative is a means de-jour of proclaiming eternal suffering of Jews  and of causing guilt feelings among the goyim. When one reads Jewish and Judeophile pre-war texts, one notices that the place presently occupied by the Holocaust was not vacant; it was taken by other narratives: by pogroms in Russia, by Dreifus trials, by inquisition, by expulsion from Spain, by destruction of the Temple and to a great extent by “blood libel”. These narratives caused creation of counter-narratives: the narrative of pogroms  was successfully debunked by Kozhinov, etc.  and now the “blood libel” was countered by Dr Toaff and Dr Yuval.

In a funny spoof blog there is a proposal how should one deal with any reference to such misdeed: If a goy ever brings it up again, charge him with anti-semitism. Give him that withering sanctimonious glare and say "You are bringing up that old anti-semitic canard, again? Next you will be quoting from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion! How long must we suffer at your hands?" HAHAHA. Always mention the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion". That really shames 'em.

Jews are not free to enquire, unless their enquiries lead to the Good for Jews. And what is it is not good for Jews, asked Lily Galili in Haaretz:


It would have been far easier to dismiss the book if the author had been Christian. Then the dilemma could have quickly been solved by branding the scholar an anti-Semite. It's also easy to dispense with radical Diaspora Jews who not only attack Israel's policies but also sometimes challenge its very right to exist. They can simply be dubbed self-hating Jews. The matter becomes much more complicated when a Jewish scholar from a religious Jewish university touches on an issue that arouses primordial Jewish fears.

"I am less worried about the ramifications in Europe, which is currently undergoing a process of secularization," said Hebrew University of Jerusalem professor Israel Jacob Yuval, who teaches Jewish history. "However, I am very concerned about reactions in the Islamic world, where a story like this could ignite passions and be utilized for other purposes."

Yuval, who totally rejects the possibility of any truth behind the blood libels, given the precarious nature of the Jewish minority's existence in medieval Europe, himself became a target for academic attacks in connection with this emotionally charged topic. In 1993, he published an article in which he argued that 12th-century European blood libels were related to Jewish behavior during the First Crusade, when, in acts of martyrdom, Jews committed suicide and killed their own children. Yuval investigated the way reports of these acts were distorted in Christendom, where it was claimed that, if Jews could kill their own children, they most certainly were killing Christian children. Although he argued that the blood libels were groundless and were merely a Christian fantasy, he came under severe attack from his academic colleagues. Scholarly articles maintained that he had made the Jewish victims responsible for the blood libels, and that he was desecrating their martyrdom. He later learned that people had even called for his dismissal from the faculty. Despite his own experiences, he does not believe that scholars should refrain from publishing what they consider to be valid findings.

Although Bar-Ilan claims it has no intention of hurting Toaff's academic standing, the whole affair raises the issue of academic freedom of expression in Israel. The issue became a matter of public debate in the controversy over a University of Haifa master's thesis. Theodore Katz, a graduate student, argued that the Israel Defense Forces' Alexandroni Brigade conducted a massacre in the Arab village of Tantura during the Israeli War of Independence. In a letter the commander of the operation circulated among the brigade's former members, he claimed that the "feelings of frustration and humiliation are only comparable to the emotions generated by a blood libel."

Some Israeli scholars maintain that researchers should censor themselves and should always consider whether or not their work is "good for the Jews."

Historian Moshe Zimmerman, a Hebrew University professor, has personally experienced such censorship. Zimmerman, who loves being provocative, once stated that the Jewish settlers in Hebron were raising their children along the lines of the Hitler Youth. To this day, he argues that the analogy was the product of academic research. The result was dismal. "My colleagues demanded that I be sacked," he recalled. "Although I was not dismissed, my possibilities of promotion at the university narrowed. In my case, as in Toaff's, there was talk that the 'university's donors are starting to get upset.' And that is certainly a threat."


Another interesting response is a lengthy article of Dr Ronnie Po-chia Hsia, a Yale scholar of Hong Kong origin, who penned a book on Trent Murder. 

He begins with: “On Easter Sunday 1475, the dead body of a 2-year-old Christian boy named Simon was found in the cellar of a Jewish family's house in Trent, Italy.”

The Jewish encyclopedia says the child was found in the vicinity of a Jewish house. But the expert says “The child was found in the cellar of certain Jews”, and he did not get there by himself. However, the Yale man does not care about the killed child, and does not try to explain how come the body was found there, and who and what for mutilated it. He says callously: “Passover was indeed bloody, but it was the blood of the Jews that bore witness to a violent fantasy born out of intolerance. “ What about blood of murdered children,  Po-chia Hsia? They were not Jews, they are not likely to be your employers, but they were human! How do you dare to deny their blood?

“In a series of interrogations that involved liberal use of judicial torture, the magistrates obtained the confessions of the Jewish men. “Po-chia Hsia builds his case on the word Torture. If the accused were tortured, their confessions are invalid, he claims. Tho’ accused “believed firmly that it is right that Jews kill Christian children and drink their blood. He want[ed] to have Christian blood at Easter”. It is all due to Torture, says the Yale scholar.

Po-chia Hsia misses the point, for the Italian state and church authorities of 15th c acted humanely by applying torture to Jews, for this was application of Jewish law to Jews, as the Jewish law approves of torture. So we were told not only by Alain Dershowitz, but by a Jewish expert on ethics, Rabbi Dr. Asher Meir, Business Ethics Center of Jerusalem, in an article with alluring title The Jewish Ethicist - The Ethics of Torture . He was asked: “What does Judaism say about torturing suspects in order to obtain life-saving information?” and he replies:

“Any person with life-saving information is obligated to reveal it (duty of rescue), and that the right of self-defense would justify aggressive actions to compel the knower to disclose his information. .. By failing to act the potential informant makes it possible for a calamity to occur. . . It is thus clear that the law of pursuit sanctions any form of bodily force, including mayhem, when necessary to preserve the life of the victim… In Jewish law, the hinge of the argument is the obligation of the informant himself to help others. In this surprising fashion, the sanction for torture becomes an expression of his humanity, rather than of his inhumanity. We are allowed to cause him pain precisely because we insist, despite his enmity, on viewing him as someone who has his own ethical obligations to his fellow human beings. “

Thus, the church investigators were “allowed to cause [the Jews] pain precisely because we insist, despite their enmity, on viewing them as someone who has his own ethical obligations to help his fellow human beings”. In short, “the sanction for torture becomes an expression of his humanity”; and Jews applied this norm in many Israeli jails, in jail of al-Khiayam in the occupied South Lebanon, and as advisers to Abu Ghraib. So what’s wrong with applying this Jewish norm to Jews?

Torture is most common in the US as you can read here


The Yale scholar continues: “The pope intervened and suspended the trial. Appeals from the Venetian and Jewish communities moved Sixtus IV to appoint the Dominican Baptista Dei Giudici, Bishop of Ventigmiglia, as the apostolic commissioner to investigate the affair. The trial in Trent was highly irregular. The 1247 Decretum of Pope Innocent IV had prohibited ritual murder trials on account of the judicial abuses involved and the violence against the Jews. Dei Giudici's task, therefore, was precisely to see whether abuses and excessive violence were involved in the judicial procedure in Trent.”

Can you imagine that a Decretum of Pope or a Decree of President would prohibit trials of clergy on charges of pedophilia? Or trials of bankers on charges of embezzlement? The Holy See was indebted to Jews, and acted as their protector. The Bishop of Ventigmiglia was supposed to stop the trial, but the people did not allow it. Indeed, the elites were always good to Jews, it’s ordinary simple folk that suffered and therefore was hostile to them.

This story is not over for Dr Toaff who is being persecuted for his devotion to truth. This story is not over, because every inch of Jewish sanctimonious self-righteousness is used to pressure Iran and attack Gaza. These guys are not content with ruling American and European minds: they want to remain invisible rulers and holy martyrs. This should be denied.