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Demon Barbers


Call the Jews - 'the biggest liars in World history', and you would be justifiably condemned as a disgusting bigot and an heir to Dr Goebbels. Write, "The Jews target and blow up innocent women, elderly, children, babies", and you would be suspended without pay, even after Jenin massacre and Gaza infanticide. But if you would apply these words to Goyyim, you would be published in the prestigious Jewish World Review, next to such luminaries as Linda Chavez and Ann Coulter, David Horowitz and Ch. Krauthammer, George Will and Mort Zuckerman. In the article Lies, Pathologic Lies and the Palestinians[i], two American Jewish doctors write, "the Palestinian Arab Muslims are the biggest liars and most pathological liars in World History", while "the Palestinians target and blow up innocent women, elderly, children, babies", "how can the Palestinians complain if one of their babies is accidentally and unintentionally killed by Israel's defenses?"

It is not strange that the two doctors reject the oath of Hippocrates. Men who are able to pen such accusations against entire people should be banned from practicing medicine, lest they would vent their vengeful feelings on an unsuspecting Gentile patient, as their American Jewish colleague, Dr Goldstein did. If they hate innocent children of the Holy Land with such a fervour, they probably hate even more 'the Germans' (Nazis), "the Russians (remember pogroms?), the Christians (anti-Semites to a man), the Latinos (inquisition) and the Blacks (lazy servants and disobedient congresswomen). The rest of Americans? They despise them. If I were a Goy, I would be scared to visit the clinic of Harvard-educated Dr. Michael A. Glueck and Dr. Robert

J. Cihak, the President of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. I would rather go and get shaved at Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of a late 1970s horror musical comedy. Sweeney Todd 'has served the dark and vengeful god, and trod the path a few did trod', namely turned his customers into savoury pies' stuffing. He would be a safe choice in comparison with the murderous couple.

Alas, their article demonstrates final beastly degradation of American Jewry. This leading part of all-American elite is not fit to lead America, and should be restrained as soon as possible.

If they were Germans they would be Nazis, wrote my reader and friend, sincere ex-Zionist Alex Chaigorsky from Nevada to the two Judeo-Nazis. Here is his letter:


From: Alex Chaihorsky (

To: Drs. Michael A. Glueck & Robert J. Cihak


Palestinians do not live in your little rich, fat world of money, luxury and success. They live in the world of poverty, terror and honour. I hear your pathetic little voices "killing innocent civilians is honour???" No. But living the way Israelis make them live is even worse.

You dare to write: "You see there's an Arabic word that means "the right and duty to lie to infidels." Aren't you ashamed of yourselves? Have you never heard about the same argument that accuses us, Jews of infamous Kol Nidrey prayer supposedly allowing us to lie and break promises given to non-Jews? Or other dark pages of Talmud dehumanizing Gentiles and likening them to non-humans? Do you really want to revive that kind of dialog?

Why would I waste my time writing to you? Years will pass. Israel, if it would not dramatically change their policies will disappear from the map. It will, because there was never a state that was able to survive among enemies. Too expensive. Too hard. Too many talented and entrepreneurial Jews do hot want to waste their life in poverty guarding and dehumanizing another people. The best will leave. The mediocre will stay. Slow death that already started.

Turning enemies into at least neighbours is what they need to do. That would probably never happen. A nation where everyone is a genius and all together - a mediocre mob, blinded by its own deep sense of racial superiority masked as religious "choosiness".

Anyway, when the State of Israel will disappear, and the religious Jews will have to re-establish their presence in Palestine (God only knows what kind of effort and labour will that take), when Jews will be humiliated again, by losing the Land yet another time - you must know that it was your fault, the same way as the destruction of Germany was Nazis' fault for demonizing Jews. God does not like when his children are demonized. Even by his other, chosen children.

I was not just a Zionist - I was a radical Russian Jew Zionist. When Rabin was killed by Amir, I called every Jew I knew and said "Sobake sobach'ya smert'." (Dog's death to the dog). Until I took the trip THERE and saw how WE treat THEM. And the fairy tale ended. And I understood what a stupid little boy I was and what a statesman and strategist he was.

Anyway, you wouldn't understand. For you all that matters is that you are Jewish and that means that you are right. If you were born Germans you would be Nazis. You do not care who you are, as long as you are "better" than others. Secure in your Newport and Washington lush houses and with your doctor's income. You won't die in Negev. You won't eat dirt in Golan. Others will do it for your glory. You will just play doctors. Dr. Mengele, Dr. Glueck, Dr. Cihak.


Alex Chaihorsky

Reno, Nevada