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is Risen!
Christ est ressuscité !
Christus ist auferstanden!

Three incredible days passed in Jerusalem. On Friday night, burial processions carried out the shroud of the Lord from the small ancient church of St James into the parvis of the Holy Sepulchre. Yesterday, tens of thousands of native Christians and pilgrims flocked into the great edifice of the Holy Sepulchre to celegrate the annual but always new and surprising miracle of Holy Fire coming of the Tomb of Christ.

It is a beautiful and colourful feast, when processions of various denominations march in and out, while young Syrian and Armenian boys throw wild and inspiring dances full of
manly power. After hours of chants and prayers, Holy Fire burst out of the empty Tomb to encourage us at this most frightening Saturday of the year, the Saturday when the Lord was dead.During this godless Saturday Christ fought the gates of Hell, and its outcome was far from obvious. The Holy Fire was a sign of life from the Tomb. And with sunrise on Easter Sunday came a beautiful day, a day of new hope and new promise.

This year, the Old City of Jerusalem was full of CDs and videos of the great modern Passion Play by Mel Gibson. It was also screened in semi-privacy of hotels and clubs, for no cinema in Jewish-controlled Palestine wished to show it. There was no clear reason as reason goes. The Passion of Gibson is quite similar to his Braveheart; both films contain long and heart-tearing scenes of torture, flogging and agony. But no Englishman objected to the Braveheart being screened claiming it will inspire anti-English sentiment. The Passion reminds in a way even The First Blood, but no policeman tried to block Rambo saying it inflames hatred to cops. If the Jews were an ethnic group, they would be able to watch the Passion as easily as the English watch the Braveheart. Indeed, our friend Gilad Atzmon was right: Jews are not killers of Christ, but those who identify with killers of Christ.

For Palestinians, this story of a kind Palestinian man tortured and killed by the brutal look-a-likes of Israel's Border Police at the shouts of 'Yiztalev', 'Crucify Him', is a story of their daily life brought to the level of Faith. And they can find respite and hope in its message of Resurrection. For the immigrant 'Jewish' population of Palestine, there is a plain message: identify with Christ, not with his killers.

If you have time, I advise you to read The Everlasting Man by Chesterton (see below), for this book (called 'the best book of 20th century' by Graham Green) will help you to understand today's main problem: massive rise of the 'Judeo-Christian' heresy in the US, probably the biggest challenge to the Spirit since the Albigensians and Calvinists. And, when you understand the problem, you can find the way to treat it.

G.K. Chesterton wrote:

There are people who say they wish Christianity to remain as a spirit. They mean, very literally, that they wish it to remain as a ghost. But it is not going to remain as a ghost. What follows this process of apparent death is not the lingering of the shade; it is the resurrection of the body. These people are quite prepared to shed pious and reverential tears over the Sepulchre of the Son of Man; what they are not prepared for is the Son of
God walking once more upon the hills of morning. These people, and indeed most people, were indeed by this time quite accustomed to the idea that the old Christian candle-light would fade into the light of common day. To many of them it did quite honestly appear like that pale yellow flame of a candle when it is left burning in daylight. It was all the more unexpected, and therefore all the more unmistakable, that the seven branched candle-stick suddenly towered to heaven like a miraculous tree and flamed until the sun turned pale. But other ages have seen the day conquer the candle-light and then the candle-light conquer the day. Again and again, before our time, men have grown content with a diluted doctrine. And again and again there has followed on that dilution, coming as out of the darkness in a crimson cataract, the strength of the red original wine.

And we only say once more to-day as has been said many times by our fathers: `Long years and centuries ago our fathers or the founders of our people drank, as they dreamed, of the blood of God. Long years and centuries have passed since the strength of that giant vintage has been anything but a legend of the age of giants. Centuries ago already is the dark time of the second fermentation, when the wine of Catholicism turned into the vinegar of Calvinism. Long since that bitter drink has been itself diluted; rinsed out and washed away by the waters of oblivion and the wave of the world. Never did we think to taste again even that bitter tang of sincerity and the spirit, still less the richer and the sweeter strength of the purple vineyards in our dreams of the age of gold. Day by day and year by year we have lowered our hopes and lessened our convictions; we have grown more and more used to seeing those vats and vineyards overwhelmed in the water-floods and the last savour and suggestion of that special element fading like a stain of purple upon a sea of grey. We have grown used to dilution, to dissolution, to a watering down and went on forever. But Thou hast kept the good wine until now.'

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Christ is Risen! Indeed, He is Risen! Ha-Mashiah qom! Be-emet qom!
Al Massiah qam! Haqqan qam! Meshiha qam! Bashrira qam!
Christos Voskrese! Voistinu Voskrese! Christos Anesti! Alithos Anesti!

Israel Adam Shamir