For One Democratic State
in the whole of Palestine (Israel)


FOR One Man, One Vote



Bravo, France!

The French voted NON to the European constitution project. This is a great victory for our cause, while our adversaries’ plans suffered a setback. It is not because we are against unity of Europe, other way around – we want Europe united as a counterweight to the US, as a friend to Russia, Arab world, Iran and China. The proposed constitution was about to subordinate the European Armed Forces to the NATO, meaning to the US command. But for wisdom of the French voters, in the next US invasion, Europeans would be forced to serve in the invading force, whether it is Iran or Russia that the Neo-cons will decide to subdue. Two weeks ago we called: “Say NON to the constitution project, if you do not want your sons to fight in Teheran or bomb Moscow.”  This call, and many others, were heard and acted upon. Bravo, France!

Our adversaries did not give up on their ultimate project, to create the world government under the US-Israeli aegis. They succeeded to subvert even the anti-American pan-European idea of de Gaulle by bringing in a few Trojan horses from the Eastern Europe. In the beginning, there was just one Trojan horse, England under its pro-American leaders. Now there is Poland which is even more pro-American. France and other European nations should watch out: it is the oldest game in the world when your enemy allows you to take a country which will undermine your cohesion. Russians made this error when they annexed Eastern Poland (Western Ukraine), and as a result, they lost all the Ukraine.

The mainstream media of Europe worked as a good propaganda department of a totalitarian state by blocking the NON voices. It is good that the people of France understood it and did not fall into the trap. We know what we want next – scrap NATO, and remove all American forces from Europe; support European independence from the Neo-Con masters of Washington and New York. In our view, a country can’t be a member of united Europe if it sends its sons to fight for the US and Israel in Iraq and elsewhere, if it buys American hardware, if it undermines European initiatives. Elimination of NATO, this remnant of the Cold War, is long overdue. Let us call for it!