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Bombs for Everybody

By Israel Shamir

November 20, 2002


The STOL jet fighters formed FUCK IRAQ on the aircraft-carrier’s landing deck. Foaming around the mouth, the Texan Fuehrer consigned the UN to irrelevance. Flashing white teeth, healthy tall broad-shouldered young blond beasts in full battledress trot across the screen of my TV set, ready to attack the small country one-tenth of their own size. Vengeful and mean-spirited, the Masters of Discourse explained and justified the forthcoming slaughter. The American Juggernaut began to roll, promising endless misery to the rebellious Iraq, the country that refused to accept their fake greenbacks for the black gold. The war appeared unavoidable. Until last week.

Last week, it became known that Ukraine, this once rich Soviet republic, now a poor East European country, main supplier of illegal workers and white slaves for Tel Aviv cathouses, ruined and devastated by IMF and George Soros, forever begging for subsidies, the unhappy Ukraine supplied Iraq with one of its heirlooms of the Soviet days, the state-of-art radar system. Now, the American and British supermen would have to chance it. They never learned to fight their own weight. Like vicious punks, they are used to kick weak and defenceless, lying down, preferably tied-up adversary. Their cowardice and lack of chivalry are exemplified by their attack on a tiny island of Granada, on poorest Afghanistan and Sudan, on defenceless Panama. It is not coincidence they are the best friends of Israel, this world leader in child murder.

Now their total safety is in doubt: they are liable to encounter in the skies over Iraq one of the best Russian-made heat-seeking missiles guided by the modern radar system. These radars see through the stealth of the jets, and they do not check in the aircraft reception desk. This $100 million piece of hardware did not change the balance of power, but it made Bush and his administration to give the war a benefit of second thought.

They sent a high-ranking delegation to the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, to express their indignation. The Americans were annoyed like Israelis who discovered that their Palestinian prison wards smuggled in a few small arms. Next time, the cheeky Ukrainians will supply hares with bullet-proof vests and ruin the clean fun of hunt.
This blessed hesitation proves that Iraq never presented any threat to the US. If it would, Americans would never attack it, as they did not attack USSR, Japan, Germany or China. The great superpower has a heart of hyena: it attacks only small and vulnerable enemies. That is why, paradoxically, the best protection for the world’s peace lays in proliferation of the nuclear weapons. Once, while the Soviet Union acted as a protector and guarantor of the Third World, it was not necessary. In those days, one could marsh for nuclear disarmament. But now, the nations of the world must go nuclear, in order to regain the deterrence.

If Iraq would have an arsenal of A-bombs, this beautiful country would be safe from American or Israeli threat. For the countries of the Middle East, for Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Egypt it is the right time to co-operate. Despite their differences, they have one thing in common: they are targeted by the Jewish Lobby, vide the Murawiec’s affair.

One country, singled out by Bush and his Zionist speechwriters as ‘Axis of Evil’, understood it first. North Korea succeeded to develop its own nuclear weapons, it was announced last week. The US representatives demanded from Korea to disarm. One can understand their concern. Korea was on the shortlist of future victims, and it will be difficult to destroy a nuclear power.

Now, the UN keeps discussing the question of inspectors to be sent to Iraq. Under American pressure, the leading powers gave up the discussion whether it is justified or even useful. We should renew this discussion. Until the UN inspectors will be allowed to visit Dimona and Nes Tsiona, until the Israeli arsenal of WMD is dismantled, there is no reason to single out Iraq or Korea. The countries of the Third World should leave the Non-Proliferation Treaty, as it does not protect them anymore.