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Bali Halloween

By Israel Shamir


There were no previous demands; no terrorist group took responsibility for the Bali bombing, making it an act of unnecessary carnage. President Bush ‘assumed’ the Bali explosion was connected to al-Qaeeda and demanded to scan Indonesia for Muslims. It is our luck he never heard of Atlantis, otherwise he would assume the continent was sent to the bottom of the sea by the omnipresent Muslim terrorists. However, important new information came to us from London, and it allows us to peer through darkness surrounding the explosion.

Last week, one of the most powerful figures of our days, a colourful Russian billionaire and media lord, Boris Berezovsky, the man who enthroned Vladimir Putin and later parted ways with the Russian President, gave an exhaustive interview to Zavtra, the main Russian opposition weekly in his London exile. While it is an exciting read for Russia-watchers, it provides a cue to the Bali mystery.

Three years ago, Russia was shaken by massive explosions. Whole apartment blocks in Moscow and other cities were stuffed up by extremely powerful explosive RDX (also called Hexogen in Russia and Germany) and were blown up by terrorists, causing huge death roll. It was immediately presumed the Chechen terrorists were behind the acts, and they served as casus belli for Chechnya War. The Russian people were thoroughly horrified, and supported the bloody military campaign. Grozny city was bombed and strafed; Chechnya invaded, thousands lost their life, while two major changes occurred in Moscow. One, the war of vengeance guaranteed the election of Vladimir Putin to the post of President and secured positions of pro-American forces in ex-USSR. Second, Russia was turned against the Muslim world, after one thousand years of peaceful coexistence, and became a strategic partner for the US-led and Israel-orchestrated War on Terror.

In his interview last week, Berezovsky claims there were two teams working to assure the election of Putin. While he personally led one of the teams acting via his TV channel, the second team chose a violent path. Berezovsky quotes the words of the Russian Parliament speaker, Gennady Seleznyov, who informed the Parliament on 13.09.99 about a horrible explosion in a small Russian city of Volgodonsk. It was the best documented piece of prophecy in recent history, as Volgodonsk was bombed only three days LATER, on 16.09.99.

In the London interview, Berezovsky was asked, how he explains this incredible botch-up of the perpetrators. “These security services are not that professional as they want us to think, - he said. “They are not united, either. Within the security services, there are many groups serving various power structures. One of them botched up its job, or failed its tie-in with another group. They reported the explosion before it was done, and it revealed the truth”


In Ryazan, watchful residents discovered bags with RDX in the basement of their tenement block and called up police. Police removed the bags, but claimed it was just sugar planted by the security services in order to check people’s vigilance. Berezovsky proves it was real RDX with real explosive device.

In Moscow, the journalists connect ‘the second team’ to a strongman of Russian politics, Anatoly Chubais, the man behind vast privatisation campaign that made him and his cronies immensely rich, and other Russians – immensely poor. A great friend of Israel, Chubais supported the pro-Israeli turn in Russian politics.

Revelations of Boris Berezovsky came in real time, while the bodies of Australian tourists are being counted on Bali. Is it a sheer coincidence that our Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, began his glorious career by exploding fifty homes of Palestinians on the heads of their inhabitants in Qibie, in far-away 1953? Is it a sheer coincidence that these explosions, from Moscow 2000 to New York 2001 and to Bali 2002 used the same technique to horrify people and cause them to support Israeli and American plans? Is it a sheer coincidence that the Zionist-infested media covered up the obvious faults in the official versions, starting with the unique ‘prophecy’ of Gennady Seleznyev, and continuing with the ODIGO internet warnings to a few Israelis on Manhattan on 9/11?

One thing is certain: the ‘Islamic’ tag speedily attached to Bali explosion by Bush and Sharon is a revolting blood libel against one billion Muslims. There is no “Islamic’ terror but in the eyes of the beholder. The Catholic IRA was bombing London pubs well before Hamas discovered Tel Aviv cafés. The Tamil Tigers, Hindu militant organisation trained by the Israeli Mossad, are world leaders in suicide bombings. The biggest terrorist act in Palestine was and remains the explosion of King David Hotel by a Jew, Prime Minister Menachem Begin. Apparently, people who object to every reference to ‘Jewish’ crimes, terror or genocide, do not hesitate to turn Islam into the bogey of this Halloween.



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