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Censorship in Modern Day France
451 °F

By Israel Shamir

(Update on the decision of the French publisher, Balland, to withdraw and burn my book «L’Autre Visage d’Israël » after being threatened by Zionists.)

The story of the short life and untimely demise of my book l’Autre Visage d’Israël the French translation of The Galilee Flowers  is an interesting case of study in Jewish influence in France. Its main characters are:- a good man, Franck Spengler of Blanche publishers- the owner of Balland, Denis Bourgeois, ex-chairman of Calmann-Levy, and a Jewish Zionist site.

On the picture: Antifa, a German equivalent of the French LICRA, demonstrate under the Zionist flags in honour of “Bomber” Harris, the British mass-murderer who killed millions of innocent people during the WWII. Harris surpassed Eichmann, but he killed Goyim, not Jews, that is why he is feted by the racist Zionist thugs.

The French may no longer respect Freedom of the Press, but the US is still honoring its Constitution.
Flowers of Galilee is Coming out in The United States in April 2004

The book was published by Editions Blanche, a subsidiary of Editions Balland on 9 October, 2003 and immediately a French Zionist website, called attacked my book. In a long and tedious diatribe, a Johan Weisz , insisted the book is criminal under ‘hate laws’ for it calls for the alliance of Christendom and Islamic World.

It was not surprising: the Jews arrogated to themselves the supreme right to decide whom the rest should love or hate. As if the two world wars in the last century won’t suffice, now they insist the Christians and the Muslims should fight to the end, for the greater glory of Israel.

My immediate publisher, good Franck Spengler of Blanche publishers, rejected the claims of the Zionist hate-mongers in a witty letter to the owner of Balland, Denis Bourgeois (see below).

But Denis Bourgeois received his job after proving his devotion to the cause on the position of the chairman of Calmann-Levy, a big Jewish publishing company. After hearing His Master’s Voice, Denis Bourgeois ordered the book off the shelves and to the stake . This is the way of Jewish influence: buying publishers, promoting their own devotees and eventually scrapping the freedom of press and the freedom of speech.

The aristocracy of the Ancient Regime of pre-revolutionary France were not sufficiently cynical to invent the ‘hate crime’ statutes, and that was their undoing. If they were to hire Johan Weisz, Voltaire would be sentenced for ‘hate-crime’ and France would now be safely ruled by Louis, say, 25th . The Brits did not know they could accuse George Washington of ‘denigrating and demonising the whole people, innocent English women and men’. But an inner voice tells me George Washington or Maximilian Robespierre would remain nonplussed.
I have no quarrel with the Zionist site: they just do their usual worst. But the French stooges of theirs, the likes of Denis Bourgeois, who prepare the Judeo-American occupation of France, should be outed. They pave the road for the American tanks on their way from Baghdad, to Paris. They fully participate in destruction of Rafah, in massacres of Gaza and Jenin, in preparation of the assault on Damascus and Teheran. It is because of them President Chirac was forced into humiliating ‘condemning’ of the daring Dr Mahathir. They have no arguments, but money and power they misuse to shut up the voices of opposition. France can’t be free and lead the world to freedom until these stooges are exposed and denounced.

You may wish to express your feelings to Denis Bourgeois phone +33 (0)1 43 25 74 40 or to the good and noble Franck Spengler


We should not allow our enemies to adopt and misuse the antiracist banner. They do not deserve it. Recently, an Israeli newspaper Maariv published an article claiming: “If we are forced to send the flower of the nation into the hell of war, then surely we have the right to remove millions of another race that breeds like vermin. For we are fighting not for ourselves but for the whole world”. The article did not cause any surprise in Israel or in Jewish communities abroad, though it was written many years ago, and unknown to them, by Adolf Hitler. The publication of Hitler’s article and following lack of response by the Israeli public staged a convincing experiment: the Zionist discourse fully inverted and appropriated the Nazi propaganda.

The Jews and their allies became the great producers of hate propaganda. In France and Italy they support publication and distribution of Oriana Falacci, in Canada (Daniel Pipes in Israel Asper’s National Post) they write about “Muslims raping blond girls’, in the US, a Nazi list recommends many pro-Jewish books, including America's Real War by Rabbi Daniel Lapin, Slander: Liberal Lies About the American Right, by Ann H. Coulter, Invasion: How America Still Welcomes Terrorists Criminals & Other Foreign Menaces to Our Shores, by Michelle Malkin. This last book bears a following explanation by an American ultra-racist: “Invasion by Michelle Malkin is perhaps the most important book written this year. The subject of the book is immigration and we need to stop it now. MUSLIM TERRORISTS are flooding America”. TOP

Most devoted philosemites Robert Spencer and David Pryce-Jones published Islam Unveiled: Disturbing Questions About the World's Fastest Growing Faith. The same racist comments: “Islam Unveiled is a deeply unsettling book because it offers scant hope that the West can live at peace with Islam unless the religion changes radically, and even less hope that that is possible”.

All these books are freely disseminated in Europe, Canada and the US, for so-called ‘anti-hate laws’ and ‘antiracist campaigns’ are done for Jewish benefit only. Nobody yet succeeded to apply them against Jewish racists and hate-mongers. People who privatised antiracism are the fighting arm of organised Jewry. In France, they are called LICRA, while their German equivalent is called ANTIFA. The representative of LICRA, a Marc Lévy, threatened the publisher with legal action.

These thugs pretend to be antiracists. But they are sub-agencies of the ADL, ‘the biggest non-state spy agency in the world’ in words of our friend Jeff Blankfort. Here is a picture to demonstrate it (ABOVE)

On the picture: Antifa, a German equivalent of the French LICRA, demonstrate under the Zionist flags in honour of “Bomber” Harris, the British mass-murderer who killed millions of innocent people during the WWII. Harris surpassed Eichmann, but he killed Goyim, not Jews, that is why he is feted by the racist Zionist thugs.  TOP


Don’t say, ‘Jews’, say ‘Zionists’, wrote my caring readers. It is not difficult to comply with this request, but is it increasingly meaningless. Now in Australia there is a vicious campaign against Hanan Ashrawi, the wonderful countrywoman of mine. Peter Wertheim, the former President of the Jewish Deputies’ Board, published an op-ed piece in The Sydney Morning Herald (owned by Conrad Black, who also owns the Jerusalem Post, the Daily Telegraph and what not) in which he wrote that opposition to Ashrawi is not coming from ‘zionist lobby’ but from the entire Jewish Community. However, no cries ‘Racist!’ came out of Antifa, Licra, ADL and the rest.

The word ‘Zionist’ lost its lustre. An average Jewish supporter of Sharon, whether in France or in the US, does not call himself ‘a Zionist’ anymore. He may hate Palestinians, call for war with Syria, believe in Jewish superiority, but he won’t answer to ‘Zionist’. This term is used exclusively by the people who do not dare to use J-word. They do not dare for a good reason. Lenni Brenner wrote recently: “the Jews are the richest ethnic or religious stratum in the US, and the true believer minority still has an unbelievable amount of money to throw at the politicians”. They are not the guys you want to upset. TOP

The word ‘Zionist’ is a misnomer. In 1920s, French Jews formed a conspiracy to buy and control some French newspapers, as Simcha Epstein reported on the Vidal Sassoon conference on antisemitism in Jerusalem . I wrote about it, but no French newspaper dared to cover it – though Le Monde and Liberacion condemned my words (craftily avoiding reference to Epstein’s report) as ‘antisemitism’. Why should we blame it on ‘Zionists’ when these Jews were no Zionists?

A few days ago, Russian police arrested Mr Chodorkovsky, a Jewish billionaire, one of the richest men on earth. Jewish-owned newspapers from the Jerusalem Post to the New York Times condemned it. Mr Chodorkovsky is no Zionist. Should we still describe the international effort to support him as ‘Zionist’?

The Jews Dr Mahathir encountered and condemned were not Zionists, either, but people of George Soros who robbed his country of ten years of earnings. Why should we blame it on Zionists? TOP

For us, the Israelis, there is an additional difficulty. It is fine for the progressive US (or French) Jews to blame ‘Zionists’, but ‘Zionists’ – this is us, and we feel the blame should be shared between all supporters of the present policies of Israel. Very few Israelis describe themselves as ‘Zionists’, as very few Russians of Gorbachev’s days would agree to be called ‘Bolshie’ or ‘Commie’. Moreover, the State of Israel is not called a Zionist state, but a state of the Jewish people, and this is not an empty word. People who identify with the Jewish people – the media lords, the executives of the ADL and plethora of Jewish organizations, extremely rich American and European Jews have a decisive say in what happens here, much more than an average Israeli ‘Zionist’.

For us, Israelis, the solution is not ‘de-Zionisation’ (emigration?), but ‘de-Jewification’. In order to exit the impasse we should break the ties with the Jewish people, for they support the worst our country can produce. Without them, without their dreams of superiority, we shall have a fighting chance to achieve normality and make peace with Palestinians.

It is equally important for you. Me and my ‘anti-Zionist’ Jewish friends receive daily requests to write or speak in defence of Palestinians, against the war in Iraq, against plans to bomb Iran, for the ordinary people (‘Goyim’) feel that their voices are not heard. A Jew, like a member of the Party in Soviet days, is the only one who can express his opinion, they think. The rest – some five billion people – do not count. Indeed, a mainstream newspaper – whether in France or in the US – quotes Jews much more frequently than it quotes usual native people. It is an unbearable situation. It should be changed, and the ‘fear of Jews’ should be broken in the interests of democratisation.

The subterfuge of ‘Zionists’ does not work anyway for everybody knows what do you mean. Johan Weisz who attacked me and my book on the Zionist French site, wrote: “Shamir frequently mentions the Palestinian intellectual Edward Said with whom he shares the vision of Palestine "from Jordan to the Sea", without however sharing the determination of Said against holocaust denial and antisemitism”. But all sympathy of Said to Jews, and all his strict appellation of ‘Zionism’ label did not help him a bit: the same Jews who approve his ‘lack of antisemitism’ poisoned life of our dear and much lamented Edward Said while he was alive and besmirched his memory after his untimely death. TOP

In the US, more and more ordinary people of Jewish origin break with the Jewish people. “My people are American”, said Gershwin, and, according to Lenni Brenner, more that half of children of the Jewish parents opt out. It is a blessed phenomenon. Everyone can opt out and become a regular American, French, Palestinian. I know it from my personal experience: when I was received in the Church, my readers wrote to me saying, “Now your opinion won’t be heard anymore for you ceased to be a Jew”. I do not want a special position, I replied, I want to be heard as Israel Adam Shamir, not as a Jew. I did not regret it for a moment. “They think I am important because I belong to Ireland, said Stephen, the main character of Ulysses, but I think Ireland will be important because of me.”

That is why I send my congratulations to the Jewish Lobby of France that proved its valour and ability to protect the French from uncomfortable ideas. They indeed rule the West, because the West submits to their rule. My deep condolences to my marvellous French translator, Marcel Charbonnier, my editor Maria Poumier, and to everybody else who helped to publish the book. I am certain that its ideas will live on, for if paper burns down at 451 F, the human spirit remains invincible.
Israel Adam Shamir

The Editor in Chief and Publisher of EDITIONS BLANCHE

Hello, Denis,
1) (The Middle East Info) is an organization completely devoted to the Zionist cause and its role is to counter any discussion of this movement.
Last March they already launched a campaign against Shamir in the French media to disparage and smear a man who does not think like them.
2) The various extracts which they quote are in fact a catalogue of what it would be forbidden to say about the Jewish community and/or Israel.
This rejection of criticism clearly characterizes a hegemonic will of the thought, which is denounced by Shamir. One finds thus the following critiques are forbidden:
- Critique of certain social behaviour (it would then be necessary to ban Marx and Freud to which often Shamir refers).
- Critique of the visible alliance with the United States.
Critique of the importance in the United States of the role of the Jewish lobby (others before Shamir however already denounced it).
- Critique of the Protocols of Zion which are largely suspected by historians of any origin.
- Critique of Israeli policies with respect to the Palestinians and comparison with Apartheid or the Nazism (this sharp criticism is supported not only by Shamir).
- Ban of the quotations which criticize the use of Shoah (which is never disputed by Shamir) to justify a behaviour quite as criminal. The Germans, after being attacked, shot hostages; the Zionists carry out “reprisal operation”. I will have to be explained the fundamental difference from the point of view of the victims...
- Ban on critical words, such as: vehemence, Judeo-American bourgeois thought, Pharisee, Ideology, religious organization, influence, etc. in association with the variations of "Jew".
We are there in full ideological war with a skin-rush reaction to criticism, a dangerous vision of the world, which one has the right (the duty?) to fight if it appears harmful to the good of the world (it is so in my case).
Therefore, very sincerely, and beyond any economic considerations, I do not see anything which could justify withdrawing the book of Shamir off the sale. This complaint is nothing but an ideological denunciation of critique of the Zionist interests. The self-criticism or the critique by a member of the community is unbearable for them. More worrying, there is no answer to Shamir’s claims. The author of the letter is satisfied to list the forbidden thoughts. It extremely resembles the Stalinism in its full beauty. I do not agree to pass under the yoke of the most brutal Zionism.
I would finish my remonstration by a quote from Shamir’s book (p.260) which supports my opinion better than a long speech: “Introduction of fury, hatred and vengefulness into a discussion of the adversary is a potent traditional Jewish ideological weapon.” The MiddleEast.Info is the perfect illustration of his words.
In conclusion, dear Denis, I do not agree with the withdrawal of Shamir’s book. A retreat would cause indignation, for if this book disturbs, as expected, it should be fought on its assertions by disputes, in a combat of ideas. But by God, never with the pretext of what one is not allowed to say. Its withdrawal it from the sales would make us appear as people without conscience, at best, and as cowards, at worst. I am neither one nor the other.
Franck Spengler TOP
From John Joerg, the US
Hi Israel!

Congratulations! The Zionists make you sound like a true Beast! And those poor, innocent French! Voila!
Now you are in the company of Baudelaire! who had Les Fleurs du Mal burnt by the hangman!

Now I know how to achieve instant fame. Write a play with a Jew as the villain. When the Jewish community expresses it's horror, immediately apologize, make the villain an Arab and the hero a Jew. Content doesn't matter. It would be an instant success. You could sell the movie rights for a couple of million, get a job as a columnist on the New York Times or run for public office, like governor. The only thing about it is you wouldn;t be able to have any mirrors in your home because you could never look yourself in the eye again.

Best wishes in solidarity,

John Joerg TOP
From Adam Engel, New York
(a frequent Counterpunch author and a friend)
Goddamn them. It's interesting, I don't usually receive hate mail or threats regarding articles I've written, but when I do, it's almost always from Zionists who can't take a joke (true, my jokes are directed at them, what happened to the universally renowned "Jewish humour?"). Since I'm a Jew -- by birth at any rate -- I would have to call these threats by said Zionists pure anti-Semitism. Israel, you are a VICTIM of the most dangerous class of anti-Semite since the Nazis packed up and moved to Argentina (and Washington, D.C.). I don't read French very well, but I'm okay with a dictionary in hand. I'll try to get the book before the Zionists burn it.

Zig Cheilom!

Peace or Perish,

Adam TOP
From Alain Coutte, Marseille
The author of many books on Zionism and 9/11
My dear friend,

I feel very sad and bitter reading your email. What a shame !
Indeed, i can only agree that the zionists zelots are ruling the world and they are proving it !!!!!

As my company is also a publisher and editor of my own books, please give me some time to read your book and have a meeting with my lawyers because i should be interested to publish all your books in France and specially this one.

However, i need about one month to settle everything because indeed, any time you are against Israël in our country, the zionist lobby treats you as antisemitic which has nothing to do with it.

I can only recall what M. JOSPIN said at the national assembly :
"La démocratie, c'est le droit de penser, d'écrire et de publier" !!!
Where is democracy ????

God bless you TOP

Is not book burning the tactic of Adolf Hitler whom the Jews love to hate? They show the proverb to be true : "Learn from your enemies lest you become like them".
I have read your essays for some time and with minor reservations agree with you. I send you my heartfelt support and any comfort you may receive from a kindred spirit. The banning of your writings is truly the sign of their accuracy.
May God bring peace to men whose hearts are His.
Sincerely, Kirk Pearson
Casper, Wyoming
From Nevine al Seidi, Cairo
(the editor and publisher of Politopia web magazine ) TOP

Dearest Shamir,

I shall send it a couple of newspapers in Egypt. I have contacted two editors of integrity here to buy all copies of your book before it is burnt.. I hope we have the time.. But if we don't, it will only help to make yr name BIGGER! Keep a smile on your face!

I have also asked those guys to support me translating the book. If they burn, you will still have the text.. Better still, in Arabic as well as English!!!

Feel Good man! Congratulations on getting burnt!

Love from Egypt!
Nevine Al Seidi TOP

From A. D., Paris
I was in Lebanon when I had your mail saying you were publishing a book in
Paris, and you'll never believe it, but my first reaction was: "I have to
buy it the very first day it will be published (and so I did), because I'm
sure they will withdraw it from the market the very next day".
Shit! I could have been a prophet if I had believed in God...
Hope you're fine anyway.
From Lucille Spacek, the US TOP

Dear Mr. Shamir,

Nice going!!! You know you've made it to the top of the Light, when your books are banned by the zionist demons. When real demons castigate, defame and abuse your good name, God loves you above all others and knows you are of the Highest Good. The dark side is so desperate now, they cannot stand any light, whatsoever, it blinds and infuriates them further. But, that's good, it means they are losing their grips and are desperate enough to completely destroy themselves.

I would advise you and your beloveds to leave Israel, but I know you love the land and will not leave. She is ready to collapse and possibly burn. We are all in the stew now, so there is really no place to go, to avoid the inevitible collapse of the planet. The ptb think they will escape by digging in, underground, moving to China, leaving on a spaceship to pollute Mars or some other planet, but the truth is, they have damned themselves and will not escape True Divine Justice. The Spirit will survive, as it always has, for those of a good consciousness. No material body lives much longer then seventy and much less, now and in most countries, so what the hell, forget fear of the loss of body, save the true divine spark of Light and Spirit, by proclaiming the truth and exposing the evil essence. Everything to gain and nothing to lose.

All the Best,
Lucille Spacek

PS. I'm going to find a way to buy that book. I can't wait to read it. Shalom! TOP

Dear Israel,

This is really amazing. You are called racist because you say Jews have too much power but
saying that Muslims worship Satan is not that much of an offence.
Even though this hypocrisy is mind boggling, the good side is that many people are starting
to take notice. This cannot continue for much longer. Nobody can cry wolf forever.
Why do not you publish this book in English? You can reach much wider audience.
Best Regards,
Emad Afifi  TOP
From John Williams :
My dear Shamir,

I cannot tell you how appalled I am at the suppression of your book in France, of all places. It really does seem to display the worst of Zionist influence. I could see this happening in America, but France? Dreadful.

I have forwarded your piece to over a hundred intellectuals. I hope that some at least will buy it, and give it a life on a book-shelf! TOP

Your steadfast friend,

John Williams
From Lille Singh, New York
Bravo Adam Bhai! the sign of integrity is to have a book banned, when people are scared of ideas, of thoughts confronting them on paper, then they are utterly negligible as a social whole. It is like the censorship of the Papacy which culminated in inquisitions and greater intellectual resistance. Furthermore, it becomes more noticeable so defeats the original purpose entirely, here's to new readers and open societies everywhere, no their brains have atrophied alongwith their the invincibility of the human spirit. TOP
From Aidin Afshar in Vienna
(a very young and very bright Austrian - Iranian)
Dear Israel,
I was really woeful to read that your book was banned, but it was no surprise in this double standard world. Orianna Fallaci is allowed to write that women with taste feel disgusted by Arabs and that they should be banned from university, but instead of "burning" her book we could see the commercials for her upcoming release and later found it every bookshop among the recommended "new releases". While you urge us to understand the lost souls of the settler trying to find love with phylacteries, tefilin and machineguns, you are made to appear a murderous antisemitic Monster. So how can for example an Austrian bishop Kurt Krenn state that "muslim immigrants" are taking over Austria by their ‘animal-like birth rate’, without hardly any criticism from parties and media, or Simon Jones's report of this cheerful Star Trek episode where finally Zindis (Arabs) get eradicated for a better universe. Coincidence??? Well, the German poet and a wise man Goethe once noted: " Coincidence does not exist, because everything has it's reason." So could the Zionist influence in governments, media...etc. be the reason?
"The Antisemite has often thought of this as a defensive and aggressive union, and has formulated the conception of a Jewish "solidarity." There is deep confusion here. When some accusation is made against some unknown member of the Jewish community, all Jews secretly take the part of the accused, and wish, hope for, and seek to establish his innocence. But it must not be thought that they are interesting themselves more in the fate of the individual Jew than they would do in the case of an individual Christian. It is the menace to Judaism in general, the fear that the shameful shadow may do harm to Judaism as a whole, which is the origin of the apparent feeling of sympathy."
(Otto Weininger in Sex and Character)
Well if we comprehend what Weininger wrote, then we can fully understand why, the NY Times, Washington Post, etc... do publish articles to barbarise Palestinians and other Middle Eastern cultures and discharge Israel from any guilt. "The other side of Israel" would have been a book, which would have shown the nastiest side of the Jewish State, with absolutely no clemency. Well a revealed Jewish State does indeed throws a "shameful shadow" on Jewry, therefore your book had to be banned. Freedom of speech never really existed, but the burdensome part is that, if not in one of the most liberal countries, home of enlightenment, home of brotherhood and equality, where else?
Dr. Mahathir concluded right. that we live indeed in times of ideologies. Capitalism, Zionism, Neo-liberalism, Communism, ..etc. were first brought on paper and then realised. But the Muslim world can not overcome Zionism by imitating Jewish pattern, for Muslims can not become more successful capitalists than Jews, simply because confraternity is an instinct trained upon Jews for twice as long as Muslims exist. So the strength of Judaism is also, it's biggest weakness, because as Weininger noticed, Individuality is almost anit-jewish, because it conflicts with idea of a jewish community. As Gilad Atzmon noted that all brilliant jews were assimilated in christian culture, so that means that they discovered their individual self in these cultures, just as you (discovering the individual Palestinians and his or her struggle) and Jesus did. Here lies Christ's path to disclose the individual to the true believers of progress. So muslim societies must encourage individuality, because just as presence and past show us (ancient greek, early caliphate or today’s Scandinavia), that only societies, which allow individual freedom in every sense are the ones with the most genius outcome, because it's the restive and difficult characters that produce authentic arts, simply because they are different, they are closer to uniqueness, closer to being individual. This is a very long process and unfortunately there is no other way to compete.
But to cease my effort of encouragement I'd like to finally get back to Dr.Mahathir who accurately cognized:
"First we must sit down and ponder."
Thank you for all your writings and kind words. A better Christian does not exist.
Aidin Afshar
Vienna TOP

From William Bowles, England
(a writer who runs frequent and interesting essays on his site, for instance see )
Hi Israel,
I take it that Middle took the lead in getting the book banned, or are they just picking up the cudgel? An 1881 law? Not a period known for it's progressive stance on things. It's a pity it's not available in English, I'd get hold of a copy from Maria.
Do you plan to republish elsewhere (or try)? Repressive times, my friend, the noose is slowly tightening. Those in power know they're in for rough times, which means we'll be in even deeper shit. People seem to have forgotten about the Security State and tools the capitalists have these days. No more civil servants in dusty cubicles, scratching through piles of paper. It's 'bright young things' in Armani suits and fucking clipboards. Dedicated managers of the state. This is the 'Iron Heel' about to descend. TOP
From Ed Toner, NJ :
Israel, send them this:
Vous petite larve vulgaire. Vous sac sans valeur des ordures. Comme nous
disons dans le Texas, je vous parierai ne pourrais pas verser la pisse hors
d'une botte avec des instructions sur le talon. Vous êtes un canker. Une
blessure qui ne partira pas. J'embrasserais plutôt un avocat que soyez vu
avec vous. Vous êtes une masse putrescente, un vomi de marche. Vous êtes un
petit ver spineless ne méritant rien mais le mépris profoundest. Vous êtes
une secousse, un DAO, un weasel. Votre vie est un monument à la stupidité.
Vous êtes un stench, un revulsion, un grand sucez sur un citron aigre. Vous
êtes un poulain bêlant, un nain de chancellement caillé de mutant enduit
richement de l'effluvia et des abats accompagnant votre naissance alléguée à
ce monde. Un insensible, veau de clingnotement, signicatifs à personne,
abandonné par les bêtes puke-drooling, rire nerveusement qui vous ont
engendré et alors tué dans l'identification de ce qu'elles avaient fait. Je
n'obtiendrai jamais au-dessus de l'embarras d'appartenir à la même espèce
que vous. Vous êtes un monstre, un ogre, un malformity. Barf I à la pensée
même de vous. ..
Ed Toner,
Brick NJ TOP
From Jim Dean, Atlanta
David Irving ran into this, even having his original publisher firebombed in England.
His later books were printed in the East...Singapore I think.
I would suggest not having them printed where the Jewish Lobby is active and strong.
There is no point in playing their game on their firing range where they have the target distances zeroed in.
From Colonel Maguire, Mississippi TOP

Samizdat! Since the French translation exists, place it into Adobe Acrobat pdf form and distribute it widely. Put the French edition on your website to download. Explain it was banned in France by the Judeo-Franco Geheime Staats Polizei. And ask for a donation equal to what your author's royalty would have been for a printed copy.
At least it can't be banned (yet) in the Late Great USA. It will doubtless be banned in Canada, though.
From Joost van Steenis, Amsterdam TOP

That is the present world, when you are writing things that disturb the lives of the elite too much, they know how to hit back - in the private life of the opponent.
I prefer to say that your book is withdrawn because of the elite and not only the Jewish elite. I think the whole Western elite profits from the support of Israel. The leading people are labelling already a long time people who are against Israel (against the occupation of a country by in the first place Western people) as anti-Semitic, or anti-Jew while it is a political question. That brings me to the remark that World War II is restricted to the holocaust, to the persecution of Jews while the racist policy of the nazi's was based on the idea of a super race - I say comparable with the idea that the Jews are a Chosen People. The millions of slaughtered slaves, homo's or gypsy's seem to be forgotten as are the organisational fascist ideas that were more clear in Italy and Portugal as in Germany but that are now being introduced in the Western so-called democracies. And why? Because the elite did not want to acknowledge that what happened in Germany was a direct consequence of the dominating policy of the elite.
The present racist treatment of people who have some Arabic characteristics (or even Arabic names) in the USA is comparable with the German nazi-ideas as was the internment of all Americans from Japanese origin after Pearl Harbour or the eugenicist laws in many Western countries including the USA and social-democrat Sweden.

I hope that you will find a way to publish your book in France.

Friendly greetings, Joost van Steenis TOP


From Antoine, Beirut
This affair between the LICRA and your editor is a very sad thing. At the same time, to have retired your book "L'Autre Face d'Israël", your editor has given to your image a new dimension of credibility and, I am sure, it will bring more readers to your writings. One can say that the day will come where ordinary people will wake up. The zionist camarilla has gone too far.
From Helmut, the US
Dear Israel.
Today I read that your book was not to be published in France.
What about the US ?There still are slight remnants of freedom of speech.
Now when an Israel Shamir with a background like you is called an anti-semite
we have hit absolute Absurdistan. A power which denies any one the right to
critizise will go down in flames. You wrote yourself into the Hall of Freedom of Thought
already your thoughts are already immortal. The groundswell is building.
Your articles are read anywhere. More power to you.
Sincerely, Helmut
From Hatem, California
Mr. Shamir: I don't know if I should congratulate you or offer my condolences. You are a man of tremendous integrity and strength, and we are honoured to know you.
The Qur'an says: "None shall enter it (Heaven) except those who were patient, and none shall enter it except those who are most fortunate indeed" (41:35). So be steadfast in your honesty and integrity, and pray to God Almighty to give you continued strength and guide you to the truth.
Hatem TOP

Friend Israel:
It is not the Jewish Cause, it is the Zionist Cause. Picky, yes, but is not the caption, "Blow the Shofars - Great Victory for the Jewish Cause" creating the same confusion and the opportunity for charging anti-Semitism against which you consistently rail? I submit you should have worded the email title "Blow the Shofars - Great Victory for the ZIONIST Cause." It is not necessarily Jews who are celebrating the burning of your book. Otherwise, my warmest regards.
William F. Brabenec
Planet Earth TOP

From Jann, Canada:
Dear Israel,
I am so sorry to hear that the publisher has dropped your book but it only
goes to prove our point. It is so SCARY. I am writing to you from near
Ottawa, Canada. One thing that is really bothering me is the case of David
Ahenakew, a Cree Indian chief who has been charged with hate crimes at the
instigation of Canada's Bnai Brith. The man is ruined. I spoke with his
daughter recently and she told me he is in very bad shape emotionally. I
find it so ironic that the Zionists would go after aboriginal people here
and of course, the Native groups folded to the pressure because they are
corrupt and tied by the purse strings to the Cdn government.
All the best to you in your work. You have made a difference in my
world. IF you have time, I have a blog going on the internet at nTOP

From Altay in Turkey

i'm sorry to hear that. consider it a medal for a wound in the battle. the war is not over as yet.


From Kalle, France
Dear Mr Shamir,
Do you remember what I wrote you a few weeks ago about the terms of your
texts, saying that you wouldn't be able to publish that in France... You
answered me that I was wrong, telling me that your book "L'autre visage
d'Israel" was about to be published. I was quite surprised, and ordered
it. Yet I've not finished my reading... but as far as I know the power
of the jewish lobby, I'm not surprised that your editor took the
decision of withdrawing it !!!
I tell you this : you were a little bit naive, thinking that the jewish
Big Brother which has been ruling a major part of the french
intellectual life among the medias for almost twenty years could let you
give us your point of view.
Hopefully, the Web remains... and they haven't yet invented some kind of
"Fabius-Gayssot Law" to rule over it...
Good Luck, and thank you so much for "L'autre visage d'Israel", a
genuine collector item !!!
sincerely yours,
Kalle TOP

The more tribal/nationalistic/militant Jews (as distinct from secular and non-zionist Jews)seek to tighten their grip on the control of perception and the control of discussion over their racist/fascist/murderous Zionism and of works such as yours seeking to expose the nefarious aspects of global Jewish domination of politics and wealth - like a hand tightening its grip on sand, the greater the force applied the more sand slips out between the fingers. One cannot contain the truth for long. TOP

Jeff Softley, Los Angeles

Dear Mr. Shamir,

Thank you for your courage to speak the truth. I admire that. I also thank you for your marvelous book, The Galilee Flowers, because it has changed something within me: a renewed passion for people and for the truth.

I am only one reader, but I hope that all of us readers can together help in bringing better change and peace to our world.

Sincerely from a friend in California,

Joseph Varada

As Salam Alaykum brother Shamir,
How greatly loved you are by this Shaikh still. These things can only happen to those whose light is too great for the darkness to stand. i would gladly stand by your side as a body guard or whatever else you might need as you continue to give your brilliant and most needed teachings to the wretched of the earth.
i am constantly standing between the sacred pillars of hope and fear as far as you're concerned, and especially during this sacred month of Ramadan i pray heavily for your constant protection and continued guidance.
The Almighty is with you, for as your name implies, you are the little worm that cut the hard stone and built the great temple of King Solomon. And no one can or will put the light out that you're carrying great courageous brother.
You once answered a personal email of mine which i still treasure. i don't know if you will see this one or not, but if you do, remember: Where He sends His word, it shall accomplish what He intends for it to accomplish, it shall not return unto Him void.
You are carrying something that is akin to the power behind the very fabric of this that we term MULTIVERSE, therefore this Holy power must and will support you until the very end of your mission, regardless of the many obstacles you must overcome along the way.
My love, light, prayers, & strength, back to you brother Shamir/
Ramadan Mubarak
Ma'es Salam
kullu am wa antum bi-khair!
(Shaikh Ibrahim Al-Jahizz M'Backe)