For One Democratic State
in the whole of Palestine (Israel)


FOR One Man, One Vote




By Steven Allen


yes adam to the cry of


they will now add

the even more shrill cry of



anti-woman actually

for woman and feminist

are synonymous in


the discourse of the masters.


i think this is probably the most

heretical piece you have written


to the gods of

finance and their many and varied

divide and conquer schemes.


illich in one of his last pieces in

his time of power


attributed the great divide not to

agriculture or capitalism or

science but


gender. and mourned its loss.


i remember writing long long ago

how a feminist perspective was necessary

(carlyles logic varnish)

to justify the inability of a traditional

family to survive under the new constraints

of capitalist expansion.


(my exact words are lost)--but this unmanning

of which you speak is nothing new and understood

to be


consistent with if not the lynchpin of


the advance of the bankers.


these more recent words of mine i know well:


(i paraphrase): the public loves its bankers

and offers them the same tribute as it once did

its kings.


eventually the many-headed beast decided it didn't

need its kings, eventually it may decide it doesn't

need its bankers


but it is more likely always that there will be

a general collapse


than that


the people (aka the many headed beast) will

ever figure anything out.


i wrote those words originally just before

the arrival in my life of my last moment of


feeling something of a man; knowing something of




real or pretend


with one young maiden, deeply troubled not

scandinavian fair but asian dark and sweet and deep


and smart.


and very very young. (i remember you suggested the

ancients touted a sixteen year old as the remedy for

manly ennui, not that young but not far removed)


it was my last counter-intuitive love



time and tragedy


(and the many dubious natures

of the girl, for the eternal;

once eternal now i guess

femme is always unknown, only held for a moment

by us poor


fellows at best if we may, or once might)


ended my moment in the manly hope

of conventionally gendered



some love

some touch

some something

other than the usual

empty space, air or hostility between


i and another


she and him.


two sentimental hearts.




i have pursued i told you once of late

only the personal


but somehow my isolated personal

can also perhaps not escape the social

miasma surrounding.


for whatever reasons of individual

deception or


merely the workings of the weight of

a world crumbling under its


long past due date masters


or some combination thereof:



my hand no longer holds hers.   



all these things too will pass and if



something green remains of the old virtues,


it will be no doubt a matter of the mercy of god

as well as the fairness of maiden and honor of



achieving once more some chivalry of fact.


in due time. (beyond yours and mine)