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Philo-Semitic Attacks On The Rise

by Joh Domingo

A non-existent, unpublished and unresearched report which documents the incidence of attacks upon dissidents by Jews and philo-Semites would reveal a disturbing pattern; philo-Semites are victimizing more and more people, and philo-Semitic attacks are officially sanctioned by States in Europe and North America. Even in geographically uninvolved continents such as Australia, a state-sanctioned campaign is being waged against non-jews that find themselves at odds with Jews. This represents a disturbing trend towards assimilating and sublimating non-Jewish cultures into a facsimile of mindless hatred of others that is found in the extreme elements of religious and secular Judaism. More and more self-hating non-jews find it necessary to proclaim their philo-semitism, and worse, to indulge themselves with a generous helping of goy-bashing themselves.

While such attacks are often verbal and present on the opinion pages of the Philo-Semitic mass media, these represent the tip of the iceberg of a rising philo-Semitism worldwide that has its roots in the Middle-East conflict and the events of 9/11. More worrying, is the growing list of fatalities arising from these attacks. The twelve-month period ending Dec 2004, reveals that more people died from philo-Semitic attacks in Palestine and Iraq, than died in the massive tsunami that engulfed Asia at the end of that year. That such incredible and ongoing casualties of a rising philo-Semitism would go unremarked, and unreported, except in the most marginal of forums, is a matter of grave concern.

While philo-Semitism is often described by adherents as an aversion to bigotry against Jews, it more often than not veils an irrational hatred of non-Jews, and in non-jews themselves, an irrational self-hatred. Identifying sentiment that can be construed as being against Jewish interests becomes an obsession for these people, and discovering new enemies, a cultic past time. No depth is left unplumbed to justify the errant behavior of Jewish Supremacist, and no lopsided equivalence is considered beyond the pale. Embarrassment is not even an issue.

It is not surprising that these attacks are ignored by the mass media; philo-Semitism has become customary, and unremarkable. Being commonplace, it is not considered newsworthy, even if it is lethal for others. Concern for others is not a high priority for most residents in these countries anyway. A few compatriots suffer its consequences, but they are mostly dissidents: an Ernest Zundel here, a Muslim there – not of much consequence to the citizenry of these places.

Such apathy led to mass-slaughter during the first half of the last century, as philo-Semites rampaged their way across Central Europe slaughtering non-Jews in vast numbers. Today, philo-Semites are poised, and capable, of wiping out huge numbers of people in countries they consider being recalcitrant malcontents. Philo-Semitism starts small, protesting hatred against Jews; soon, they are calling for nuclear bombs to be dropped on the heads of anti-philo-Semites.

It shows up in the research done by dissidents; first, people are denounced as anti-Semites, nevertheless possessing the right of free speech. Soon, thousands are silently incarcerated and the prisons overflow with nameless victims. It is not a prediction, it is happening daily. Nobody knows that they are being arrested, except for a small circle of friends and family. It is presumed that they being held for activities that constitute crimes against the State, and that there is sufficient cause for their arrest. But, three years after 9/11, trickles of detainees are being released, and it is becoming apparent that they were held on suspicion of being dissidents against judeophilia, commonly associated with the practice of the Islamic religion.

Being a practicing Muslim is an occupational hazard in philo-Semitic countries; your congregational services are recorded, your mosques monitored, religious leaders are harassed, and the contents of the collection plates confiscated. Yet, we are only supposed to notice when a mosque is firebombed by a lunatic. But, the attacks are more sophisticated and relentless than that. The funds of any charity with the word ‘Islamic’ in its name, is considered to be forfeit to the state, and subject to damage claims from philo-Semites. While the arrests of non-Muslim dissidents are subject to at least some protest, the detention of Muslims is accompanied by a deafening silence. Muslims are all Palestinians now.

Australia’s Mamdouh Habib is one such victim of philo-Semitism. He was picked up in Pakistan a month after 9-11 on the basis that he was a trained al-Queda operative and held incommunicado at Guatanomo Bay after a being transferred from Pakistan via Egypt. The philo-Semitic Australian government has always considered that he was guilty, and made little effort to provide the protections his Australian citizenship afforded him. Now, after three years of imprisonment, the US is releasing him without charge, and the Australian Government is peeved. They are not upset that an innocent man was incarcerated, they are upset that a guilty man has been set free. They are upset that the lie, that he is innocent until proven guilty, has been exposed for the sham that it is, and they have decided that he will be subject to home detention, until that is, they can figure out what it is they can charge him with. Philo-Semites work like this; they determine the desired outcome, then conjure up a series of circumstances that will provide them with that outcome.

Almost unnoticed, around the world, thousands of families are victims to the effects of these philo-Semitic attacks, with the incarceration without trial of the vital breadwinners of the family. It is becoming increasingly obvious that the vast majority of these people are being subjected to crude tortures based on pseudo-psychological theories about breaking the will of individuals. These processes appear to be yielding absolutely no concrete evidence against those arrested. To date a embarrassingly few have been charged, and amongst them, the handful that have been convicted have had their convictions overturned after revelations that evidence against them had been fabricated.

It is enough that someone can be found to utter a bad word or two against you. That provides the justification for arresting you. Then, the mere fact that you are able to be ‘disappeared’ into the legal black hole of Patriot Act like legislation that has been enacted by Judeophile governments everywhere, is enough evidence of your guilt. If, after a few years you are released because of a lack of evidence, it is presumed that it because of a legal technicality, and you are released without so much as a ‘by your leave’. In the meantime, your life, and the lives of your family have been devastated.

This is the social system they are waging wars to bring to the unwashed masses of the third world? Most of the third world has progressed to being benevolent dictatorships, a far more appealing prospect than what is becoming an increasingly fascist western world. They have a better future to look forward too, if they can avoid the clutches of the rapacious Judeophile elite that have subjugated ostensibly free societies.

Minor assaults against judeophilia are magnified to appear to be a tidal wave of anti-Semitism, while the makings of a true holocaust is being hidden from view. In what appears to be a fantastic delusion, judeophiles believe that hundreds of thousands of people a month were incinerated in the ovens of Auschwitz. The reality is that judeophiles today possess the means to instantly incinerate hundreds of thousands. It is not a fantastic theory, it is a real possibility. The rising tide of philo-Semitism almost guarantees it.